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Is it Easy to Learn WordPress? The Definite Answer

Is it Easy to Learn WordPress? The Definite Answer

There are many ways to build a website in 2020 and beyond.

In fact, it has never been as easy as now to build up your very own web presence and get your word out on the world wide web.

Times where you needed to be a coder to build a decent website are long gone, I think this is something we can all agree to (maybe some coders would disagree, though, I know, I know).

So, what’s it gonna be for your: The site builder WIX (god, I am not sure how many times I have been tortured with these annoying Wix ads on Youtube), Jimdo (I remember I built a website with that builder like 15 years ago) or maybe something like Squarespace (yet another page builder).

Or, you just go with WordPress, by far the biggest player in the game (Maschituts and every other website that I own is based on WordPress).

In today’s article, it will indeed be all about WordPress. And we are specifically going to discuss about the question, how hard it actually is to get started with WordPress.

So, is it easy to learn WordPress?


Is WordPress hard to learn?

WordPress is incredibly easy to learn. The reasons for this are manifold: Most web hosts let you install WordPress in a couple of minutes through 1-Click-Install-Options, WordPress is by far the most popular page builder out there and, therefore, offers the best support (community), there is an absolutely gigantic number of (free) WordPress plugins out there that can solve about any problem for you and if you’ll ever need a WordPress (video) tutorial, you will find plenty of these on Youtube for about any WordPress-related topic that you can think of.


It is indeed easy to learn WordPress

WordPress is Easy

Ok. I am pretty sure that you understood by now that I am big WordPress fan boy.

And I will try to turn you into a WordPress fan boy or girl as well.

Oh, so you are getting a commission if you get people to use WordPress, right? It’s one of these kinds of posts, then, right?

Well, no. I am in no way affiliated with WordPress and there is not going to be a single affiliate marketing link in this post (by the way, since Amazon further cut affiliate commissions, Affiliate marketing, at least as far as Amazon goes, is pretty much dead by now).

So why do you write this, then?

It’s pretty simple. I love WordPress. And I am very passionate about using it. And I want to share this love with all of you guys.

So now that we got this out of our way, let me give you some awesome reasons why WordPress is so easy to learn (I already gave you a couple of good reasons in the second paragraph, though).


Why WordPress is easy to learn: Plugins

One big reason why WordPress is easy to learn and to use is because WordPress has a plugin for absolutely everything.

Whatever problem you might encounter, chances are that a plugin is going to solve that for you.

Ok, you might need to have a little bit of experience on how to actually install plugins and how to work with them but it usually involves zero coding skills and usually only goes as far as ticking a few options.

Ok, I already said it. Zero coding skills. That’s the next big one.


Why WordPress is easy to learn: Zero coding skills required

Is it easy to learn WordPress: Coding

You must be kidding. Isn’t that exactly the point of all of these page builders?

Yes, that’s right. The problem is just that most site builders won’t be able to keep that promise because they don’t offer the incredible flexibility that WordPress does.

As we have just seen, there is a plugin for everything on WordPress. And that is exactly why you won’t need to code stuff because Plugins will solve these issues for you 99% of the time.

And if they don’t, WordPress is open-source software, so you can still get your coder that will simply add a few lines of code for you.

If you are using other page builders, they might be super easy to use but if the desired function that you are looking for is not included in the page builder, chances are that it will be much more difficult for you to get things done than on WordPress.


Why WordPress is easy to learn: Themes

After installing WordPress (which takes you an hour maximum), your website will run with the default theme.

If you don’t like the default theme, you can easily change to either other free themes or paid premium themes.

And there are just so so many free WordPress themes out there. No other page builder out there will have a comparable amount of free themes available. Period.

And that obviously makes it pretty easy for you to find a theme that is actually delivering exactly what you are looking for.

These free themes can be easily installed from the WordPress Dashboard. Usually takes you like 1 minute (upload a zip file and booom, it’s all done. )

And if you can’t find a free theme that is meeting your requirements and standards, you can purchase a premium theme for about 49 to 79 dollars (check out themeforest or mythemeshop for nice WordPress themes).

And considering the high quality that lots of these themes come with, spending a couple of dollars on this is definitely a very good investment.


Why WordPress is easy to learn: You can find free info & tutorials on WP about anywhere

If you should ever have any trouble with WordPress, there are many websites & people that can come to your rescue.

One of these rescue points is obviously YouTube. There are WordPress tutorials on just about any topic on there.

Oh, by the way, I am also feeding YouTube with a couple of WordPress tuotrials and other useful videos for bloggers & content creators:

Visit Maschituts on Youtube, if you would like to know more!

Also, on a side note, if you want to embed a Youtube video into WordPress, then this is very easy. Just go to Youtube, copy the URL of the video, then in your WordPress editor (Visual editor), simply paste the URL and the video will be inserted automatically.

Another place where you can get immediate help with your WordPress troubles are Facebook Groups.

There are lots of Facebook Groups dealing with WordPress. And many people there are willing to help you with your WordPress troubles…often even for free.

Last but not least, as WordPress is the standard CMS for so so many people, even your blog host will be able to point you in the right direction as far as basic WordPress issues go (WordPress Login, WordPress installation, installing SSL on WordPress, and so on and so forth).

Many web hosting companies even have 24/7 Live Chat support, so if you get stuck with WordPress, they might be able to help you (but only if it is a technical issue with WordPress that is in direct relation with your hosting obviously).

And last but not least, you should also not forget that you also have Maschituts in the back pocket that can help you out if some WordPress problems loom up on the horizon.

I am creating new posts about WordPress-specific problems almost every day.

And I am that much in love with WordPress that all my 8 websites that I own are actually running on WordPress.

And if there will be ever one more to come, can you guess what software I would go for?

I am sure you can!