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How to Log into WordPress Website: All Ways Explained

How to Log into WordPress Website: All Ways Explained

Once you finished the configuration of your WordPress website on your blog host, how do you actually log into the backend of your WordPress website?

It’s actually really easy, read on to find out how you do it.


How to log into WordPress website?

All you need to do to log into your WordPress website is to add /wp-admin to the end of your domain and you will get straight to the login screen prompt for your website. So, if your website is, then you would simply need to head over to to log into your WordPress.


The root folder of your WordPress installation plays a factor

While it is always true that you will need to add /wp-admin in order to log into your own WordPress page, it is not necessarily always added to the root folder (homepage) of your website.

Let me give you an example:

It might be that you have a website

Maybe this website is not based on WordPress itself but is just running WordPress for its blog section.

So it could very well be that you are running the blog for that website under the URL

In this case, to access your WordPress backend, you would need to head over to rather than

I am sure you get the idea.

So, in case of doubt, you should double-check with your host in which folder you actually installed your WordPress installation.

If the whole website is just running on WordPress, you can be sure that the WordPress installation has been done in the root folder (homepage).

If the website is running other software than WordPress and just the blog is based on WordPress, it is very likely that WordPress has not been installed in the root folder (but rather on something like


Log into your WordPress website directly from your web host

Some web hosts will also let you login into your WordPress website directly from their dashboard.

For instance, if you are with SiteGround, you can simply log into your SiteGround account and then log into your WordPress backend from there.


I still can’t login into my WordPress website: What’s wrong?

Still can't Login Into WordPress Backend

If you tried all the methods that I explained in this article, yet you still can’t login into your WordPress website, here are a couple of possible problems that might cause this issue:

The first issue that you could be facing is that your WordPress website is still brand new.


WordPress Login when the website is brand new

If you just set up your WordPress website a few minutes ago, it could very well be that the website is not ready yet for login. This is due to the DNS propagation that takes place once you set up your website.

This essentially means that it can take a few hours (sometimes up to 48 hours) until your website is actually accessible from all over the world.

So, if you can’t login into your website yet, this could be the cause.


WordPress Login Problem because of SSL changes

Another problem that might lead to you not being able to login into the backend of your WordPress website are changes to SSL/installations of SSL.

If you just changed the URL structure from http:// to https://, it could be that this is the root cause for your login problem.

In this case, I would advise you to contact your blog host.

Most web host companies offer decent support, many of them also offering Live Chat 24/7, so you can easily get in contact with the support staff of your web hosting company and ask them what might be wrong with your website.


WordPress Login Problem: Plugins

Yet another problem that you could be facing is that one of your WordPress plugins is actually causing trouble; this could also cause your website to crash.

And if your website crashes, then it is often also not possible to login into your WordPress backend anymore.

But how can you deactivate your WordPress plugins if you can’t manage to login into your WordPress website anymore?

There’s actually an easy wo to do this.

To solve the problem, you will need to login to your web host and there you will need to use their FTP File Manager. You can usually access this function in the Cpanel.

Also, it is possible to connect to your server with a standalone FTP client such as Filezilla.

If you are not very tech-savvy, I would advise you to first try to access through the CPanel.

Once you are either connected to your website through the FTP File Manager or with the help of a standalone FTP Client, you will want to head over to the folder public_html. There, search for the wp-content folder.

In th wp-content folder, you will see the plugins folder. This is actually where all your WordPress plugins are installed.

Now, to disable your WordPress plugins, it is sufficient to just temporarily change the name of this folder to someting else.

That could be anything, really.

So you might want to change it into something like plugins_temporary or maybe pluginstemp instead of just plugins.

This is going to deactivate all of your plugins at once.

Now, try to login into your WordPress site again. If the login page will still not be accessible, the plugins were most likely not causing this issue in the first place.

If you can login now, then you know you have some trouble with one of your plugins. If that is the case, you can now go on and reactivate one plugin at the time.

After every reactivation, check if your website is still working properly or not.

Once it stops working again, you will know which plugin is causing your website to crash (and hence, which plugin is the root cause for you not being able to login anymore).


WordPress Login Problem because of browser issues

If none of this seems to solve your problem, please also try to access the login page of your website with a different browser. You might also be experiencing some caching problems here.

If accessing the login page works on a different browser and you are indeed able to login from there, you should clear your browser’s cache, then close the whole browser (close all tabs and then really shut down the browser completely), then restart the browser and try again.


How to log into WordPress website from your mobile device

Login to WordPress from Mobile Device

It is also possible to access the backend of your WordPress website from your mobile device.

In fact, the easiest method to do just that is actually the same method as when trying to login to your WordPress website from the comfort of your computer/laptop.

So, all you need to is to simply visit your website (homepage) and there, you can simply add /wp-admin and then the login prompt will appear.

Just enter your login credentials. Done.

Instead of just using the conventional login to get to your WordPress dashboard, you can also download the WordPress app.

Once downloaded, the app is going to ask you for your login credentials during the setup and you will just need to provide your URL to complete the setup (instead of providing the URL there are other verification methods that you can choose from as well).

If you would like to make adjustments to your WordPress blog posts and pages, using the WordPress app might be the better choice, as the interface is specifically designed for mobile devices.

If you access your WP website in the same way as on your desktop computer, the WordPress dashboard and the WP backend as a whole is a bit hard to use (= doesn’t work that well).