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About Me

Hey, there!

It’s me, Maschi.

I have been working on websites and SEO for a very long time. I have about 10 websites and spend a good deal of my life optimizing websites for SEO, creating tons of content and searching for lucractive keywords all over the internet.

I literally turned my passion into my job. I am doing this full-time right now and I am more than happy to help everybody out there getting betting results in a shorter amount of time.

The world of SEO, niche website blogging and being an online entrepreneur is truly fascinating, yet very complex and time-consuming.


There’s just so much to learn.

So much knowledge to be gathered.

So many keywords to be explored.

So many words to be written.

So many texts to rank.


That said, we would better be going! Let’s chase our dreams and make these small projects grow into full-fledged websites and businesses!


– Maschi