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How to Make Bullet Points in WordPress — A Detailed Guide

How to Make Bullet Points in WordPress — A Detailed Guide

Bullet points are a useful device to bring more clarity and structure to your texts.

It’s just so much easier to read through a text that has some bulleted lists rather than providing all the content in larger-than-life text blocks (some people seem to forget that writing on blogs and websites is actually not the same as writing a book).

Another great thing to do is to actually make sure that you have a great font for your blog posts and articles. 

In terms of SEO, it is generally a good practice to go with a web-safe font such as Verdana or Helvetica.

Changing the font in WordPress can be a tricky but it ultimately depends on your set up and your needs. 

Anyway, today we will focus on enhancing the readability with bullet points in WordPress. You really can’t go wrong by inserting some lovely bulleted lists whenever you see fit.

So, how can you actually do it in WordPress?

Let’s find out!


How to make bullet points in WordPress?

To make bullet points in the Classic Editor, simply choose the option “Bulleted list” from the top bar, located just above your text. In Gutenberg editor, to make bullet points, first click on the plus symbol (top left corner of the screen), type “bullet” in the search box and then click on “List.”


Copy bullet points from another source/website

In case you can’t find the bulleted list option in your WordPress, don’t fret. There are other ways to get it done.

For instance, you could just go to another website that actually features some bullet points in their texts and copy them over from there. 

To do that, simply highlight the bullet point with your mouse, right-click it and then click on “Copy.”

Now, back in your WordPress, move the cursor to the desired location, right-click with your mouse and then click on “Paste.”


How to change the color of bullet points?

There is actually no easy way to do this. You will need to make use of CSS to do it. Then, you will need to add this CSS to your Stylesheet. If your WordPress stylesheet is missing, then have a look at this post here: Missing WordPress Stylesheet -Here’s Why and How to Fix It

If you are lucky, though, your WordPress Theme does feature a field that is reserved for Custom CSS. If that is the case, you could simply copy the CSS code in there. Here’s the CSS Code needed to change the color of bullet points:

.entry-content ul li{
font-weight: bold;
color: #FF0000;

This will make both your bullet points AND your bullet point text red.


How many bullet points should I make?

Bullet points add clarity to your content and they make your content look nicer and more organized (another great thing you can do is collapsing/extending content in WordPress).

However, you shouldn’t add too many bullet points, as this will defeat the general purpose of bullet points.

Nevertheless, from an SEO standpoint, making more than 8 bullet points per bulleted list makes a lot of sense, as that way, the user will be forced to click through your website to see the whole list in case your bulleted list got selected by Google to be displayed as a featured snippet on the search results. 


What about bulleted list WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins are the solution to 95% of the problems people are having on WordPress. 

But in the case of bulleted lists, finding the right plugin to get the job done seems really difficult. 

In fact, there is virtually no plugin available that is solely existing to solve your bullet point problems. Sorry about that. 

So, if you do want to customize your bullet points to the fullest, you will have to use some Custom CSS. 

Well, there is actually one plugin that might help you a bit to customize your bullets at least a little bit, it’s called Lists Shortcode and Widget.

Give it a try maybe. But be aware of the fact that this plugin is not updated anymore and it might not work with your version of WordPress.