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Embed Affiliate Banners on WordPress — The Easiest Way!

Embed Affiliate Banners on WordPress — The Easiest Way!

There is nothing that can’t be done on WordPress.

That’s why we all love it.

Or let’s say most of us…

And the way most things are done on WordPress is with the help of WordPress Plugins.

There are plugins for literally everything. And most of them don’t even cost you a dime.

Pretty amazing.

When it comes to the question of how to embed affiliate banners into your WordPress website, then the answer is no different: By using a WordPress Plugin!

Some easier embedding tasks like embedding tweets into your posts can also be done directly in the Gutenberg editor but using plugins usually offers for more flexibility and more options. 

Now, without further ado, let’s dive right into it. 


How to embed affiliate banners in WordPress?

The easiest way to embed affiliate banners in WordPress is by using a WordPress plugin. The best free plugins to get this job done are Ad inserter or Advanced Ads. In your WordPress dashboard, simply head over to Plugins and then click on “Add New” to find and download these plugins.


Embed affiliate banners with Ad Inserter

As far as inserting ads into a WordPress website goes, Ad inserter is by far my favorite.

Ad inserter is very versatile and inserts ads very efficiently and super fast.

However, Ad inserter lets you add all kinds of things to your WordPress articles, affiliate banners included.

Here’s how you do it, step-by-step:

  1. Download Ad Inserter by browsing to “Plugins” and then click on Add New and then search for Ad Inserter. Once downloaded, simply click on activate.
  2. Now from the left sidebar within WordPress, click on “Settings” and then choose “Ad Inserter.
  3. Enter the banner code into one of Ad Inserters blocks (the banner code is typically in HTML. You can get that code from your affiliate network, be it Clickbank, Shareasale or something similar)
  4. Once you entered the banner code into an empty block in Ad inserter, you will have to make sure to tick the option on where this banner should actually appear on your website. If you would like to show it on all of your WordPress posts, tick the option “Posts.” If you only want to show it on your Pages, click on “Pages.
  5. Now, you also need to choose the exact location within a page/post/etc. You do that by selecting a specific option under “Insertion.”You can choose to add your banner after a certain amount of paragraphs, after an image, add the end of the content, etc.
  6. Make sure to adjust the “Alignment” as well. If you want to have your banner in the middle of the text, select “Center.”
  7. Now, don’t forget to save your settings by clicking on “Save settings.”
  8. Head over to your website and see whether your banner is now appearing in the desired locations.
  9. Go back to Ad Inserter and make adjustments if necessary.
  10. For each new position where the banner should appear, use a new empty block in Ad Inserter. You have 96 free blocks to use, so don’t worry about that!


Which locations are best when embedding affiliate banners?

There is no such thing as the best location when embedding affiliate banners on a website. Every website is different.

However, you should make sure to place the affiliate banner in a prominent spot. This could be at the beginning of an article or maybe in the sidebar. Depending on the affiliate banner, you could also make it sticky. Here’s a great article for you if you would like to configure floating sidebar banners, etc.

Make sure to choose the best possible banner formats (728 x 90 is a good format for desktop, whereas 300 x 250 px is the standard size for mobile affiliate units.


How to get the HTML Code of my banner in Shareasale?

When logged in, choose “Links” from the top bar and then click on Get a Link/Banner. You will then see a list with all your merchants.

Make your selection and then choose “Banners” from the “Updated Links” section. You will then see all the banner units from that Merchant.

Now, simply click on “Get HTML Code” and then choose “Select All”.

The HTML Code is now saved to your clipboard and you can easily paste it into your WordPress Plugin (Ad Inserter or Advanced Ads).

Embed affiliate banners with Advanced Ads plugin

  1. Download Advanced Ads Plugin by browsing to “Plugins” and then click on “Add New” and then search for “Advanced Ads”. Once downloaded, simply click on activate.
  2. Now from the left sidebar within WordPress, hover over “Advanced Ads” and then choose “Ads.”
  3. Now click on “Create your First Ad”
  4. Add a title for your affiliate banner
  5. Choose “Plain Text and Code” as the ad type
  6. Click on “Next”
  7. Now insert the Affiliate Banner HTML in the Ad Parameter field
  8. Click on “Next”
  9. Adjust the Display Conditions and Visitor Conditions (if necessary)
  10. Click on “Next” again
  11. Now choose the desired ad placement (if you choose content, you will need to define after how many paragraphs the banner should show)
  12. Head over to your website and see whether your banner is now appearing in the desired locations.
  13. Go back to Advanced Ads and make adjustments if necessary.
  14. For each new Ad placement where you would like a banner to appear, set up a new ad within Advanced Ads.


Frequently asked questions in relation to embedding affiliate banners on a WordPress website


Is the Ad Inserter plugin free?

The basic version of Ad Inserter is free. It offers enough functionality for most purposes. If you are just looking for a fast and reliable way to add a couple of ads and affiliate banners to your WordPress-based website, the free version of Ad Inserter will certainly do.


Does Ad inserter let me define on which type of device the ad will show?

Absolutely. When setting up your ads in Ad inserter, make sure to click on “Devices” and there you will have the option to restrict the ad display to either desktop or mobile.


Is coding necessary when adding affiliate banners to a WordPress-based website?

Coding is not necessary at all. You can use a free plugin such as Ad Inserter or Advanced Ads to get the job done for you.