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How to Download Photoshop for Free on Mac — All You Need to Know

How to Download Photoshop for Free on Mac — All You Need to Know

Can I download Photoshop for free on Mac?

Photoshop does offer a free 7-day trial version which can indeed be downloaded for free. The free trial version of Photoshop is not limited in any way. This means that you can try the full version of Photoshop for 7 days without having to pay anything. 


How to Download Photoshop for Free on Mac

Downloading the free trial version of Photoshop is very easy. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step tutorial below:

  1. Open up your favorite internet browser
  2. Open up the website
  3. Click on Start Free Trial
  4. Choose your subscription plan (you don’t need to pay anything if you do cancel BEFORE the free trial ends)


The current price of Photoshop

The only way to use Photoshop for an extended period of time is to buy one of their subscriptions

This means that after your 7-day trial has ended (you do need to cancel manually in case you don’t want to continue using Photoshop!), you will automatically be put on a paid subscription, either a monthly or annual subscription. 

Currently, the monthly subscription for Photoshop will cost you $31.99 per month if you choose a monthly subscription or $20.99 if you go with a yearly subscription of Photoshop (please make sure to click on the link above that says “buy one of their subscriptions” because prices are obviously subject to change). 


What are some free alternatives for Photoshop?

As you have seen in this article, you can indeed download Photoshop for free and then test it for 7 days. After the trial period, though, you will need to pay money for the subscription. 

If you don’t have any money to spend on Photoshop, there are a couple of free alternatives for Photoshop on Mac. 



If you are looking for a professional alternative to Photoshop on Mac that is completely free to use, then the open-source software GIMP is your best bet. 

After downloading GIMP to your Mac, you can use a plethora of professional tools for image manipulation completely for free. 

Also, if the built-in features of GIMP are not enough, there are 3rd party plugins that you can use with GIMP that enhance this software’s power even further. 




Unlike Gimp, Canva can be fully accessed directly in your browser. 

Canva makes it incredibly easy to work with graphics, text and even videos.

Everything works in a drag-and-drop manner and the learning curve is therefore nowhere near as steep as it is with Photoshop or other professional graphic and photo design software. 

To be fair, Photoshop is much more complex than Canva and you can certainly do more with Photoshop than with Canva. 

However, if you just need to get simple designs done, such as making some thumbnails for Youtube or maybe create a simple infographic, chances are that Canva is a much better fit for you than Photoshop.

Especially if you are just a beginner in graphic design and don’t really know what you are doing just yet, then Canva is way easier to use than Photoshop and it might be all you need to get the job done. 

In fact, Canva is so good that over 100 million people use it on a regular basis. 

100 million…

Let that sink in!


Frequently asked questions on “How to download Photoshop for free on Mac”


How to download Photoshop on Macbook?

To download Photoshop on Macbook, simply go to the official Photoshop website and then click on Free Trial in case you would first like to try Photoshop before you buy (in this case you will also need to download the full version of Photoshop) or click on “Buy Now.” After that, in both cases, you will need to choose your subscription plan and open up a Creative Cloud account. Once this is done, you can simply download the software from within your Creative Cloud account. 


Is there a free version of Photoshop for Mac?

There’s no free version of Photoshop that you can use indefinitely on Mac. However, there’s a 7-day free trial for Photoshop on Mac. This trial gives you access to the full version of Photoshop for 7 days without any restrictions.


What are some free photo editors that I can use on my Mac?

The most well-rounded and complex photo editor to use for free on Mac is GIMP. Another great alternative is Canva, which can either be used as a desktop application on your Mac or simply be accessed directly in your browser. 


Do I need Photoshop for simple photo editing tasks?

You don’t need Photoshop to get simple tasks done, as most of these tasks can also be done in free software such as Canva and GIMP. For instance, if you would simply like to add some text to a photograph or maybe just increase the saturation/brightness/contrast of a picture, using software such as Canva or GIMP might be even the better choice because these softwares are much easier to use than Photoshop. 


Do you have to pay for Photoshop ever year?

After your 7-day trial has ended, you will have the option to either pay Photoshop monthly or annually. These days, as is the case with most software, Photoshop can only be purchased through a monthly or annual subscription. Subscriptions for Photoshop are handled through Adobe’s Creative Cloud application.


Is Photoshop better than Canva?

Which software is best for you depends on your needs and also on your skills. For professional graphic designers with a lot of experience, Photoshop is certainly the better choice, as it is much more powerful than Canva. On the other hand, for beginners, in many cases Canva might be better, as it is much more intuitive and much easier to use than Photoshop.