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How to Change the Blog Name on WordPress

How to Change the Blog Name on WordPress

Learning how to change the blog name in WordPress is easy, requiring only a few steps. 

Sometimes, it is the site title that needs to be changed as part of a rebranding campaign; other times, it is only the blog section.

The method you use depends on whether you want to change the name of your entire website or only the blog category.

How to change the blog name on WordPress

To change the blog name on WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your WP admin panel (
  2. Scroll down the left sidebar menu
  3. Select “General
  4. Select “Settings
  5. Type in your new blog name into the “site title” field.
  6. Click “Save changes.”


On free domains, the process is the same, but the URL is different. You will find it at

You can also use the “customize” menu item. My Site → Appearance → Customize → Site Identity.

From the general settings, the blog name is called “site title”.
From the “Appearance > Customize” menu, the blog name field is controlled by the “site identity” field.

If you use the “Appearance > Customize” option, press “publish” for the blog name change to be applied.

Both methods change your blog name site-wide.


How to change the blog page title only of a WordPress website

WordPress can have two titles. A website title and a blog title specifically for the blog posts section.

As an example, the website for is powered by WordPress.

The site title is “The White House”. The parent posts page is “Briefing Room,” and the “blog” is a child page of the Briefing Room page.

This setup shows on the site as “Briefing Room > Blog.”

This is frequently seen on business websites publishing industry or company news in the blog section.

In this scenario, the blog page title is the page title of your posts page in your WordPress reading settings.

To set the blog page title name, publish a blank page with a title only. The title of the page will become the blog page title.

For example, creating a page called “announcements” and then setting that as the posts page in the WordPress reading settings will title the blog as announcements.

Now, instead of your posts being found at the address, it will be changed to “


Should you have a different blog title to your domain name?

It is best to stay consistent. However, if your blog name can be made more memorable by renaming it without changing your URL, it can save you time and work by preventing having to change your domain name.

If you decide to rename your blog only, it is advisable to have a descriptive keyword in your site or blog page title.

For example, the site title here is “Maschituts — Tutorials Made Easy!”. It is set up as a standard blog with the latest posts set to show on the home page.

That could be changed by publishing a lead generation page, probably “Maschituts.” Then, for the blog, another page could be published with the title “Blogging Tips and Tutorials.”

That would show the latest posts while providing some SEO value by having the keywords in the page title rather than the site title.