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8 Reasons Why You Might See “User not Found” on Instagram

8 Reasons Why You Might See “User not Found” on Instagram

You’re trying to search for your best friend’s Instagram account as you haven’t seen new posts from her recently. But after pressing “Search,” all you can see is a “User Not Found” notification instead.

It can be frustrating to see this message when all you want to do is check in on an IG profile. But, this cryptic response can be caused by a few possible reasons, which we’ll all learn about in this article.


Reasons Why You Might See “User Not Found” on Instagram

One reason a “User not Found” message appears on Instagram is you made a typo error in the username. It could also be that Instagram is having a glitch or your app is outdated. Other reasons include a changed username, you’re blocked by the user, or the account is deleted, disabled, or suspended.

Regardless of the reason, it’s best not to jump to conclusions hastily. Go through the 8 reasons mentioned and find out how you can resolve it (if possible).


1. User not found on Instagram — Error in Typing the Instagram Username

Seeing User not Found on Instagram Due to Error in Typing the Username

If you’re searching for a particular Instagram account manually, you’re prone to incorrectly typing his username. With more than a billion people on Instagram, it’s a challenge for each user to make a username that is easy to remember.

Some even have to resort to using special characters to stand out from other IG accounts bearing the same username. 

Hence, if you mistype even 1 character of the IG username you’re typing, you’ll see the “User Not Found” message instead. With that, you can try to retype the username, making sure to check for any typos before pressing “Search.”

Make sure you haven’t switched some similar-looking characters as you’re typing. For example, the uppercase “I” can look like a lowercase “l” if you don’t notice the difference in the letters’ heights. The uppercase “O” can also look like “0” if you’re in a hurry to check.

Otherwise, you can try searching for that particular IG account using the person’s real name. Make sure you know the correct spelling of that person’s name as well to increase the chances of finding his Instagram profile.


2. User not found on Instagram —Use of an Outdated Instagram App

Seeing User not Found on Instagram Due to Use of an Outdated Instagram App

Using an outdated Instagram app can cause a host of problems which can include IG filters not working and not being able to go live

Though quite uncommon, an outdated Instagram app has caused some people to see the “User Not Found” message.

Hence, go to the “Play Store (Android) or “App Store” (iPhone) to see if your Instagram app needs some updating.

If an “Update” button appears, press it and open the Instagram app after.


3. Instagram’s Experiencing a Temporary Glitch

Seeing User not Found on Instagram Due to Instagram Experiencing a Temporary Glitch

Like other apps and websites, Instagram’s servers can sometimes experience technical problems. If IG is experiencing a server problem, you can see the “User Not Found” message but still see your friend’s bio.

You can also encounter this message even if you can see someone’s post. But once you tap his profile picture, you will only see the “User Not Found” notif instead.

If this is the case, the easiest way to solve this is to wait for Instagram to fix the glitch. Otherwise, you can do any of the potential solutions below to resolve this situation.


  • Exiting Instagram temporarily

Sometimes a quick refresh by exiting the Instagram app can fix the glitch causing you to see the “User Not Found” message. Wait for a few seconds first before re-opening the app to see if the problem’s solved.


  • Restart your phone

Reboot your Phone When You See User not Found on Instagram

Rebooting your phone can refresh its system and make the operation of apps smoother, including Instagram.


  • Check your internet connection’s speed

Check Internet Connection Speed When You See User not Found on Instagram

A slower-than-usual internet speed can make you see the “User Not Found” message on Instagram. You can use mobile data temporarily if your WiFi isn’t as stable as usual.


  • Reinstall Instagram

If you have already done the abovementioned solutions but still see the “User Not Found” message, reinstalling it might work. Installing the latest version of the app already comes with the most recent bug fixes. 

However, you’ll have to type your login details again once Instagram’s reinstalled.


4. Person Changed His Instagram Username

Seeing User not Found on Instagram Due to Person Changed His Instagram Username

Unlike other social media apps, you can easily change your Instagram username. But while this is nifty, this also changes the URL that leads to that person’s profile page.

Instagram changes a profile’s “location” with each corresponding change in the username.

The easiest way to confirm this is to directly ask the person if he’s using a new IG username. 

If you’re too shy to do it, check your chat messages. Instagram displays any updated profile information straight away in your chat history. Plus, you can directly visit his profile from there.

You can also check your mutual friends in the “Following” or “Followers” list for that person’s new IG username. 


5. “User not Found on Instagram” because You Are Blocked by the Instagram User

Seeing User not Found on Instagram as You're Blocked by the Person

Seeing the “User Not Found” message is one of the indications that you have been blocked by the user.

You also won’t see the likes and comments he made even after trying to find their comment on a particular post. Also, you’ll see the “No Posts Yet” message even if you can see the number of posts he has made.

To confirm that you’ve been blocked, you can ask one of your mutual friends to check if his account is still active. If they can see that person’s profile just fine, you’ve been blocked.


6. The Person Permanently Deleted His Instagram Account

If you and your friends can’t see your mutual pal’s Instagram account and see the “User Not Found” notif instead, he probably has deleted his Instagram account. 

Once a person deletes his account, that username is already removed from Instagram. This then becomes available for claiming by another person. With that, it’s also possible that you can still find the username but the profile and its contents have changed.

Plus, all the likes, comments, and posts made by that person on his IG profile are removed after deleting his account. That includes not seeing his IG username in the “Following” and “Followers” lists.


7. The Person Temporarily Disabled His IG Account

When you want to go on an Instagram detox, you can disable your IG account temporarily. But the moment you hit the “Disable” button, your profile won’t be searchable on the platform.

This is because Instagram treats your account as non-existent until you reactivate it. And, you won’t know about the account being disabled as Instagram doesn’t provide details about it. All your friends will see is the “User Not Found” notif. 

Disabling has the same effect as when an Instagram account has been deleted. But, you’ll be able to search for that IG account again after a while.


8. Instagram Account of the Person Has Been Suspended

Seeing User not Found on Instagram as the Person's Account Is Suspended

Instagram has community guidelines in place to maintain a safe community for everyone. But once a person violates any one of these guidelines, they can revoke one’s access to their Instagram account.

The person then gets a notification about the said suspension and when his account will be reinstated. Usually, a 48-hour ban is imposed. 

But it can take longer and possibly become permanent if the violation is severe.

Common reasons for Instagram to ban or suspend an account include:

  • Inappropriate behavior on the platform
  • Abusing other IG accounts
  • Aggressive commenting
  • Engaging in illegal behavior
  • Spreading of hate speech
  • Using third-party apps to buy likes and comments
  • Use of tools to automatically unfollow or follow IG accounts
  • Account was reported by other IG users

If you feel that your account’s wrongfully suspended, you can always appeal to the IG team for your profile to be reinstated. Otherwise, wait for their decision for the time limit to lift.


Frequently Asked Questions about Reason Why You Might See “User Not Found” on Instagram


I’m not blocked from my friend’s Instagram account, but I can’t find his profile. Why is this?

If you can’t find your friend’s Instagram account but he did not block you, it’s possible he changed his IG username. But, it could also mean he has disabled, deleted, or Instagram has suspended his IG account.


Can I still message someone on Instagram if I see the “User not Found” notif?

If you have been blocked from an IG account, you can’t message that person as the chat history is hidden. You can still send messages though if the IG account has been suspended, or disabled, or the username has been changed. But, there’s no assurance he can read what you sent.


What could be the meaning behind Instagram’s “User not Found” notification?

Seeing the “User not Found” message could mean that the IG profile has been transferred to its new “location” if the IG handle changes. Other than that, it could mean that Instagram’s experiencing a glitch or the account has been deleted, disabled, or suspended.