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How to Get Your Blog to Shop Up on Google— Quickly!

How to Get Your Blog to Shop Up on Google— Quickly!

You finally became a blogger and have already published your first blog post? That’s great.

Now, you might wonder whether your blog is already indexed on Google or if there is anything you need to do to make sure that you will appear in the Google Rankings.

Fair enough!

So, let’s stop beating around the bush, and let me tell you what needs to be done to make sure that you can get traffic to your website ASAP!

So…please..come on…

How to Get Your Blog to Shop Up on Google

To get your blog to show up on Google, you can either just wait for some time and Google will index your blog automatically or you can set up and link Google Search Console with your website to make sure it gets indexed more quickly.

Google indexes your website automatically

Well, the truth is that Google is actually going to index your website automatically, even if you don’t do anything at all.

That said, there’s basically nothing else to do for you than just to stay patient…


Well, close.

While it is true that Google will eventually find your site and index it, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure that this happens a tad faster.

Index your website on the Google Search Console

One way you can let Google know that your awesome website is now online and you would like to be found by all those cool people on the internet is to actually index the website through Google Search console.

First, make sure to log in/register, and then, in a second step, just add a new property.

What is meant by adding a new property is simply that you can add a new domain.

You will need to prove that you are the actual owner of the website. If you are indeed the website owner, there is nothing to fear here.

If you are on WordPress (which you should = most awesome blogging software ever), then verifying your website is an absolute piece of cake.

So how do I do it?

You do it with the help of a WordPress Plugin (you can do like almost everything with WordPress plugins…!).

The WordPress plugin that I recommend you to use is called “All Meta Tags” by Space-X Chimp.

Download it, activate it, and then just simply add the meta tag in there. Save. DONE!

Add the meta tag in there? From where?

Don’t worry. Once you are about to verify your property in the Google Search console, you will get the meta tag there automatically. Then just copy that and add it in the All Meta Tags plugin.

Now, after you website is verified, your website is also kind of indexed already. Or if it is not, the indexing is likely going to be a bit faster.

Also, in the Search Console, whenever you are posting a blog post, you can index all these posts individually. Some people like to do that, while others don’t.

If indexing like this is truly faster, is actually a bit controversial. Some say it is; others say it doesn’t matter.

Indexing your blog posts in the Search console might make more sense while your blog is still fresh.

The reason for this is that for new blogs, it usually takes longer until content is indexed and ranking.

For established blogs, indexing and ranking of content is much much faster.

Make sure your WordPress settings are on point

While indexing of your blog is pretty much automatic (as we have seen earlier, if you do nothing, it just might take a little bit longer), there are some “commands” or “functions” that might hinder your website from being indexed.

In your WordPress dashboard, please head over to “Settings” and then select “Reading.”

Here, under “Search engine visibility”, you have to ensure that this option is NOT ticked. If it is ticked, then your website is not likely to appear on any search engine.

So what is this option for, then?

While your website is still under construction, it might be desirable that it is not yet indexed by search engines. So if your website still looks like a complete mess, you might want to activate that option.

However, I personally never use this option and always let Google index my websites (I got like 10 websites running) from the very beginning.

It is up to you. But generally speaking, the sooner Google can grab your content, the better.

Ranking website content can take a long time, so I don’t necessarily even want to wait longer, you see.

But wait a minute, how do I even know for sure that Google already indexes my website?

Okay, that’s a fair point. Let me explain that as well.

Is my website already indexed on Google?

The first way to double-check if your website is already indexed on Google is to head over to, and then there, you will want to type the following into the search field:

If your website is already indexed, Google should display some search results for it.

So if you would like to see whether my website maschituts is indexed or not, you would type in:

And then you would say that there are a couple of search results showing, all leading to actual content from maschituts (*).

The second way to make sure that Google already indexed your blog is to use our infamous Google search console.

Head over to your newly created property, and then on top of the screen (in the middle), just enter your domain name in the search field. Make sure to enter the domain with either http or https.

Once entered, Google tells you whether this website is already indexed or not.

If you did indeed verify your domain earlier on (as outlined in this article), your website is most likely already indexed, and you should see the green tick symbol.

That’s already all there is to say about this topic!

Oh, and if you are just about to launch your blogging career, make sure to read our article on the topic whether pursuing a blogging career is really worth it or not!

And please don’t forget Maschituts is also on Youtube. I got many useful tutorials on there for beginners, advanced blogging enthusiasts & pros alike!