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The Art of Monetizing Non-English Websites Through Ads

The Art of Monetizing Non-English Websites Through Ads

It’s no secret that having ads on your website is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to earn money with your website.

Many of the most successful websites out there earn 4+ figures per month through ads. That’s simply a fact.

But how much you can actually earn through display ads, depends on many factors.

One of these factors is actually the language that your website is written in.

It might sound confusing to you at this point but it will all make sense by the end of this text.

I promise.

Now, let met just tell you the most important piece of information upfront: If your website is not written in English, you will most certainly leave a lot of money on the table and you will have a much harder time to monetize your website through display ads.

Ok, I said it.

Now, please let me explain.


Non-English websites: Here are the problems

Well, if your website is not in English, you will most likely earn less with display ads. That’s just the sad truth.

So, what is the problem here?

The problem that you will be dealing here is that you will most certainly not be able to target the right audience.

So what’s the right audience?

If we are talking money and display ads, the right target audience are mainly people within the United States. It’s just (almost) that simple.


Because if you have a lots of traffic from the US, you will almost always get the most (money) out of your display ads.

Don’t believe me?

Have a look at the statistics of my language learning website “Linguaholic ” (see below).

These are the stats for my website Linguaholic (Data = 1th of January 2020 up to 30th of July 2020). This is what I earned during that time period through Mediavine, my favorite ad network of all time.

Ok. So now, let’s break things down.

As you can see, I earned $1416.99 from traffic from the US (This is actually for the time span 1th of January to 30th of July 2020.).

As far as traffic goes, I had 147,461 sessions from the US to gain that money.

The most important metric that we see in this table is the RPM (Revenue earned per 1000 visitors).

For people from the US, the RPM is at $8.57 dollars. So for every 1000 visitors, I will earn about 8 dollars (given that these people accessed my website from within the US).

Now, when you watch the RPM for other countries, this is where things really get interesting.

Let’s have a look at the Philippines. I had about 55’000 sessions from the Phillipines. And these sessions earned me $22 dollars.

Let that sink in. ONLY 22 dollars. Eventhough 55’000 sessions is about 1/3 of the traffic that I have got from the states, traffic from the Phillipines just earned me 22 dollars whereas I got $1416.99 dollars for 147,461 sessions from the US.

Isn’t that crazy?

Well, yes it is. But this is how this game works.

And so, if you want to play the game well, you need to make sure to get that US traffic.

I could show you 10 more examples of other websites that I own and the data would always be more or less the same.

The earnings for traffic from US is always worth much more than from any other country.

Of course, results will depend on your niche but the likelihood that it will be the same story with your website is very, very high.

Now, what has all of this to do with whether your website is written in English or not?

You have most certainly guessed it by now: If your website is NOT written in English, you can’t target people in the US.

Because guess what, most people in the US speak English and when they surf on the internet, they will mainly check English-written (does that word even exist?) websites.

Ok, great. But isn’t the purpose of this article to tell me what I can do if I actually do have a website that is not written in English?

You are right sir, we will get there!

If your website is written in let’s say German, French or Spanish, you can still earn some decent money through display ads.

It’s gonna be less than with an English website, but still, if you do get decent traffic, it could still be worth it.

So, what should I do.

I will reveal the secret in the next paragraph. Please read on!


Non-English Websites: Do This

Let’s say your website is written in German, Spanish, French (or whatever language but just not in English).

The problem that you will face here is that you will most probably not get into premium ad networks.

And if you don’t get into these premium ad networks, you will simply earn less. That’s basically the moral of the story.

But less doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t earn enough.

There is at least one decent ad network that will help you to increase your earnings…and it’s called….


While I am not the biggest fan of Ezoic, I can’t deny that Ezoic easily outperformed Google Adsense on literally every website that I ever tried it on.

While I only earned pennies with Google Adsense, Ezoic doubled or tripled my display ad earnings. Easy.

And the real advantage that Ezoic has over other premium ad networks such as Mediavine (my absolute favorite ad network of all time!) or AdThrive is that they will actually also accept websites that have most of their traffic from countries outside of the US (=which is almost always the case for websites that are NOT written in English).

Both Mediavine and AdThrive are almost impossible to get into if you don’t have a lot of traffic from the US. Trust me on this.

If you do have a website in let’s say German or French and have like virtually no traffic from the US, you don’t even need to try.

As far as I know, Mediavine does not explicitly asks for lots of US traffic in their requirements, but that’s just simply how this game works.

You can apply, yes. But a week or two after that, they will tell you that they are really sorry about it but your website couldn’t be approved.

They don’t really want to tell you why. But I can tell you. If you don’t have traffic from the US, that is most certainly the reason (or at least one of them).

Still, don’t lose hope. And apply for Ezoic.

In fact, if you have a running (=approved) Google Adsense account and have reached 10’000 sessions per month (check this stat in your Google Analytics), you should have no problem getting into Ezoic.

If you want to read more about when you can get into Ezoic, please read this article here: When to Get into Ezoic

Their requirements are really low and if you do have a decent website with decent content, it’s usually not a problem at all to get admitted.

So, why is Ezoic better than Google Adsense?

That’s pretty simply. Ezoic partnered with so many different ad networks and all these ads will run on your website once you got into Ezoic.

Also, you have a good chance to get into the Google AdX program if you are on Ezoic. If you are just on Adsense and apply for that, it’s much harder to get into that.

And finally, Ezoic is based on AI. So the longer you will use Ezoic, the better the results will be (= the more revenue you will earn).

Moreover, Google Adsense ads will still run under Ezoic, as Adsense ads are an integral part of Ezoic.

It’s really a no-brainer. Period.

Oh, and if have not even made the decision yet whether your website is going to be in English or not, write it in English and thank me later.

And here’s a little video for you to make my point clear once and for all: