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The 9 Best Discord Meme Servers — Revealed!

The 9 Best Discord Meme Servers — Revealed!

As memes continue to take over social media and the general public interest, Discord has been no exception.

Gamers want to make memes out of the games they are playing and frankly speaking there’s plenty of meme content out there in games.

This need gave rise to Discord Meme Servers that serve the hottest trending gaming memes in the world. With the Discord GIF Picker tool, you can easily add Discord memes to your chatbox.


What are the best Discord meme servers?

  1. Lounge
  2. Cartoon Carnation
  3. Money Hunters
  4. Dank Café
  5. Supreme Dankers
  6. Dankers Continental
  7. Memer’s Den
  8. The Vent
  9. Omegle Community



Invite Link:

Looking to have a relaxing time while at the same time making new friends, enjoying memes, participating in giveaways, events, and mini-games? A lounge is certainly a place for you to invest your time in. 

Lounge is a chill-friendly community server where you can chat, meet new friends, have fun, and participate in server events!

Let’s look at some of the features of this server:




  • Self-Roles – The server has dedicated channels for users to assign themselves with a set of roles for example color roles, announcement ping roles (whether you want to get notified of certain announcements or not), etc.


  • Fun Section – Lounge has a dedicated “fun” section on their discord server, which includes many text channels like art channels, media channels, memes channels, etc. Here you can share your memes, you can share your art or share other types of media, etc.


  • Meet-The-Staff – There is a separate channel named “meet-the-staff” where you can see the introduction of every staff member. 


  • Support Channel – In this channel, you can create a ticket, if you have any problem, have suggestions for the admins, want to lodge a complaint against a user, etc.


  • Voice Channels – There are many voice channels, including some level-based channels which you can only access once you reach a certain level.


  • Custom VC – You can create a temporary voice channel of your own by simply joining the “+| Join To Create” channel in the “Custom VC” section.


These are just some of the many features this server provides. Overall it is a very welcoming and friendly community. You can join the server with the link provided above.


Cartoon Carnation

Invite Link:

The next server on our list is quite a unique and fun server. It is unique in the sense that it has a unique cartoon theme. 

Let’s look at some of the server’s features:



  • Self-Assignable Roles – Cartoon Carnation has 2 separate self-assignable roles channels. These roles include color roles, gender roles, location roles etc. Some roles are level-restricted, i.e, they can only become available for you to assign once you have reached that level.


  • Leveling system – Cartoon Carnation has a leveling system, with fun new perks and features unlocked as you level up.


  • Lazy Town – This is basically the “general” section of this server. “toon lounge” is the channel where you get the opportunity to interact with other members on the servers. This section also includes a dedicated “memes” channel where you can share and view memes. This section also includes a “selfies” channel and a “media” channel.


  • Nitro Wars – Every now and then there are Nitro Giveaways on the server, but there’s a twist. It’s like a minigame, where you have to complete certain tasks and compete against other members to get that bread (nitro).


These are just some of the many fun features this server offers. Here you can expect a friendly community, where you can make new friends, share memes and have a fun time! You can join the server with this invite link. 


Money Hunters

Invite Link:

In their own words, 

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐞? We are all about Dank Memer heists, giveaways, events, and so much more! Our server has a wide variety of features however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community!”

Let’s look at some of the features of this server down below:



  • Self-Roles – Self roles such as color roles, events ping, announcements ping, partnership ping, heist ping, etc.


  • Games Section – The server has a game section, where you can participate in mini-games, chat with other gamers, etc.


  • Events/Giveaways – The server has regular events and giveaways to keep its users engaged and making sure they have a fun time.


  • Leveling system – Leveling system has different perks for each of its users as they level up. 


  • Memes – You can share memes with other users on the server and have a good time.


Other features include giveaways, donations, dank memer bot, and dank memer mini-games section, etc. Overall, Money Hunters is another fun community, definitely worth joining.


Dank Café

Invite Link:

Dank Cafe is another such server on our list, which has fun events, giveaways, and is mostly a “dank-memer” focused server.

This is a dank memer server that was originally started by a small group of friends with the purpose of having a fun time and making sure the community they build has an exciting and energizing time. 

Some of the features of this server are as follows:



  • Self-Roles – Self roles such as events ping, announcements ping, etc.


  • Color Roles – The server features color roles which each member can assign to themselves by simply reacting.
  • Gender Roles – Self-Assignable gender roles such as Male, Female, etc.


  • Age Roles – Self Assignable age roles, for example, 13-17 y/o, 18+ 


  • Media Section – Here you can post media, share memes, etc.


Other features

Dank Memer Bot – As this server is dank-memer based, there is a whole separate section for the dank memer bot, where users can use the bot to get currency, play dank-memer minigames, etc. 

Overall this is a friendly community server, accepting all types of people, ensuring everyone has a relaxing and wonderful time. Join now if you’re interested!

P.S. Though it’s not primarily known for this function, the Dank Memer bot can also be used to play music. Check out some of our preferred music bots here.


Supreme Dankers

Invite Link:

The main focus of Supreme Dankers is on the Dank-Memer bot and giveaways. This next server on our list is a very good server, doesn’t matter how far down it is on our list. 

Let’s dive straight into some of this server’s features:



  • Trading center – Here you can trade bot items, bot currency, and server trophies, such as cookies, etc.


  • Giveaways/Heists – Daily giveaways and heists are enabled on this server to make sure that all the members keep participating in these events and keep the server active (as we know community servers can die out pretty fast).


  • Self-Promotion – Supreme Dankers has a dedicated self-promotion channel where users can promote their servers, their art, their content on social media platforms, etc. This is a great place for creators if they want extended reach for their content.


  • Dank House – Of course, a server that is a Dank Memer bot can not have a Dank-Memer dedicated section. In this section, there are multiple channels in which you can use the dank memer bot to play minigames and use other dank memer commands, etc. 


  • Media Section – This section provides users with separate dedicated channels where they can post selfies, media, art, and share and view other memes and media content.


  • Counting Area – This is a fun channel, where you can basically just take turns counting from 1 to wherever it goes! We haven’t seen this section on a lot of servers but it can get addicting pretty quick, competitive even sometimes.


  • Level System – As we have seen this feature on a lot of servers, it is safe to say that the leveling system has become a prerequisite in almost every community server there is if not all of the servers. Supreme Dankers leveling system comes with added bonuses and perks as the users move through the ranks and level up.


These are just some of the features of this amazing server where you can chat, have fun, share and enjoy memes and have a wonderful time! 


Dankers Continental

Invite Link:

Dankers Continental is a place where you can post any kind of memes and content, everyone in the Dankers Continental community is open-minded and of a friendly nature. 

Talking about the server’s features, some of them are as follows:



  • Organized Structure – As soon as you join this server, you see that the server and all its text channels, voice channels and roles are well organized and well structured, giving a touch of professionalism to it.


  • Gaming section – In this section of the server, you can interact and connect with other gamers. There are gamers from all around the world over here that play Minecraft and other games.


  • Giveaways – The server features weekly and daily giveaways as well. 


  • Level System – As we discussed earlier, this feature is present nowadays in almost all community servers of discord, whereas you level up, you unlock and get access to new features and perks


  • Booster Perks – The server provides exclusive and special perks to people who use their nitro boosts to boost Dankers Continental. You can read about all the perks when you join their server.


  • Media and Memes – There are dedicated media channels where you can share memes, youtube/Twitter/Instagram/Twitch, etc., and other videos with the other members on this server. WARNING: This server contains some quite dank and 18+ memes sometimes, so make sure your meme game and knowledge are on its A-tier.


  • Donator Perks – By donating money, you get extra special perks that aren’t available to most of the people on the server. Time to loosen up your pockets a bit because there are quite some sweet perks on the server for donators.


Above are only a few of the many, many other amazing features of this server. 


Memer’s Den

Invite Link:

As most servers on our list, Memer’s Den is also a Dank-Memer focused server where dank-meme lovers can gather and take part in a fun and exciting community.

Let’s look at some of the features:



  • Self-Roles – Memer’s den features roles that any member can assign to themselves. These roles include color roles, gender roles, age roles, etc. 


  • Perks Channel – This channel lists all the perks and bonuses a user can get on this server


  • Leveling system – With each level up, you get some pretty sweet perks such as access to locked channels, etc.


  • Media – This server features a separate dedicated channel for users to post pictures and memes in. 


  • Birthday Section – In this text channel, the birthday bot wishes the users that have their birthdays on that day. To register your birthday with the Birthday Bot, simply type “bday set” in the “bot-commands” text channel and the bot will guide you through the rest of the steps. It’s quite simple.


  • Dank Memer – Of course, this server wouldn’t be complete without an entire dedicated section where users can use Dank Memer commands for various purposes such as minigames, etc.


These are only a few of the many features on this server. As compared to other servers o this list, Memer’s Den is a relatively small server with its population being just over 1k members but rest assured it is a friendly community of a small number of people where you can have fun and interact with new people.


The Vent

Invite Link:

By far the biggest server on our list so far, this server is at a population of over 16k members. 

A simple yet exciting server, let’s look at its features listed down below.



  • Self-Roles – You might get confused at first as you may not see any dedicated self-roles channel. Don’t worry, head on over to the “commands-2” channel and type >help r to get a list of available roles and how to assign them to yourself. Some of these roles include age roles, location roles, etc., and much more.


  • Media Section – Share memes/art/pets/setups/clips/photos/selfies by posting a file attachment of the memes/art/pets/setups/clips/photos/selfies, but only allowed for level 10s. If you’re not a level 10, you can only react to the memes/art/pets/setups/clips/photos/selfies by adding reactions.


  • Spam Section – Yes, if you’re looking for a fun spam session, then you can head on over to the spam channel to spam as much as you want! We will admit, sometimes we just need to spam to feel good, so, the admins have your back here!


  • Staff-list – This channel features a list of all the admins/moderators on this server along with their discord ids so they are easy to contact if you have any problems on the server.


Other features

Other features include giveaways, minigames, etc.

Remember, we have not listed all the features, meaning there is a whole lot more to this server, a lot of other features!

Overall this server is a very friendly community, where everyone is present to help you out and interact with you, making sure you have a positive experience where you can interact with and make new friends, whether you’re a gamer or not. 


Omegle Community

Invite Link:

If you’re not familiar with Omegle, it’s basically a website where you get the chance to interact and talk with random strangers from all around the world. You can meet any type of person randomly.

Omegle Community discord server is a server that serves the same purpose, where you can talk to random people and have a fun time interacting with people from all around the globe. 

Its features include the following


  • Media Section – A media section where you can post memes, other media, post gaming stuff, etc.


  • Spam Area – A spam section where you can spam all you want


  • Self-Roles – This includes giveaway ping roles, event notification roles, color roles etc.


  • Gaming – A gaming channel in the Media section where you can talk about and meet other gamers from all over the world.
  • Privacy – You can make private voice channels to ensure uninterrupted time with the people of your choosing. A “how-to-use” channel in the “Private” voice section will guide you through the steps of creating a private VC for yourself.


Some other features include booster perks, where nitro boosters get exclusive server perks. 

So if you’re looking for a place to meet and interact with complete strangers, then this is definitely the place for you.

That’s it for today’s analogy on the 9 Best Discord Meme Servers. Share this read if you found it useful.