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The 9 Best Discord Moderation Bots You Wish You Knew Earlier

The 9 Best Discord Moderation Bots You Wish You Knew Earlier

We love Discord. It’s like taking the whole forum thing to a whole other level. It’s like a traditional forum with instant messaging function.

Also, Discord makes it super easy to create new channels and to engage with people in real-time.

However, as Discord is literally taking over the world right now, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some people try to abuse this awesome software for questionable purposes.

This is where moderation comes into play.

Luckily, with the help of Discord moderation bots, you can take your moderation game to a whole new level.

We scanned the net for the best Discord moderations bots.

Here’s what we found!


What are the best Discord moderation bots?

  1. ProBot
  2. MEE6
  3. Plasma Bot
  4. Dyno
  5. Miki
  6. ZeroTwo
  7. Arcane
  8. Yui
  9. Tatsu


1. ProBot

ProBot is a high-quality bot that can satisfy your Discord Server’s moderation needs.

However, ProBot is not solely a moderation bot, you can also use it as a music bot for example. This bot is also heavily used for server moderation, which also includes custom command creation and it is one of the top choices for moderating servers.


# – Is the prefix used for giving commands to this bot.


Features of ProBot

AutoRoles – With this feature configured, ProBot can automatically assign roles to the new members joining the server. 

Music – ProBot can also be used to play music.

Welcome Messages – Sends new users a welcoming message which includes the user’s avatar and name (message can be customized by the server admin/owner)

Warn/Kick/Ban/Mute System – When a user breaks a rule, ProBot can be configured to warn/mute/kick/ban that user from a text or voice channel. ProBot can also move that user into a voice channel with moderators present in that channel to discuss their behavior. 

Some other features include the following

Auto Response

Anti-Raid Protection

Auto XP Assign

Prime Features ($2.50/month or $24.99/year) include Unbanning all users at once and adjusting bot volume (when playing music)

Implementation of more Anti-Raid features

ProBot premium includes all of the above features, and changing name and avatar of your server’s ProBot.


2. MEE6

When it comes to moderation of servers, MEE6 is among the top 2 most used bots for moderation purposes on discord servers. It can be configured to help moderate your discord server in various ways. MEE6 is far more than “just” a moderation bot, though, you can use it to play music, to manage XP, to create custom roles and much more. 

MEE6 is really a must-have bot for almost every Discord server. Just invite MEE6 to your server right now, you certainly won’t regret it!



! – Is the prefix used for giving commands to the MEE6 bot.

Let’s now talk about the MEE6 bot’s features.


Moderation features of MEE6 in more detail

Warn/Kick/Ban/Mute System – You can set MEE6 to scan your server for users posting content that is banned on your server, a user spamming, or a user breaking a rule and configure MEE6 to take appropriate action against that user/users.

*Bonus feature ^ – You can set how many warnings a user gets before a certain action is taken against them.


More MEE6 Features

Custom Join/Leave message – You can set a custom message that MEE6 sends when a user joins or leaves your server. You can also set the Join/Leave message to be sent to that user in DMs. 

Auto-Role – MEE6 can also be configured to auto-assign a custom role to a new user on your server as soon as they join.

Announcements – You can configure MEE6 to send a notification when a certain user uploads something on their channel or goes live.

Other MEE6 features include music playing, and some premium features such as awarding of a specific role once a user reaches a certain level (XP), or connecting multiple YouTube/Twitch accounts to your Discord server.


3. Plasma Bot

Next, we have Plasma Bot. This bot is very easy to set up, and is used in quite a good number of servers on discord.

As personally having used the bot in our own server, we can deem this bot completely trusted and reliable. Let’s look at some of its features down below.


The default prefix for giving commands to Plasma bot is “.” 


Plasma Bot Main Features

  • Giveaways – You can easily setup this bot to host and manage giveaways on your server. You can setup a default giveaway channel in which the bot can be used for giveaways. (Starting, editing, or manually deleting giveaways)
  • Invite Logger – Plasma bot is also used for tracking invites. By using Plasma bot, you can view which user has the most invites or how many people they have invited (and how many of their invited users have left).
  • Leveling System – Plasma bot’s leveling and rankup system allows you to reward users with level roles when they are active and level up.

4. Yui

The next bot on our list is Yui bot. Looking at the list, and based on the bot’s rich features, this bot is by far the most simplest in design yet still a modern bot. 



The default prefix for this bot is y! . For example, y!kick , y!ban, y!ras etc.



  • Currency – This bot has its own currency system that can be given to each user. Think of it like a bank, with users getting discord money (not actual money) for doing certain tasks etc.
  • Profile – using commands like y!bio which allows you to change your account’s bio, and y!background which allows you to change your profile’s background image etc.
  • Fun Commands – They include fun commands like y!inspire that generates a random and terrible inspirational quote, y!8ball to ask the magic 8-ball a question and many more fun commands.
  • Roles – You can use the y!giverole command to give a certain role to a certain user. 
  • Ban/Unban/Kick/Warn – Using y!ban , y!unban, y!kick, y!warn commands, you can ban, kick, unban and warn users. The y!warnings command is used for managing and viewing the number of warnings a user already has.
  • Reaction Roles – You can set up reaction roles that give you access to a certain locked channel, or give you a certain role. 


These are just a few of the many features this bot offers. For example, self-roles and many other features. 


5. Maki

The next bot on our list is Maki bot. This is also another bot which is used for playing music and for moderation purposes in servers. Let’s discuss its features below. 


The default syntax for Maki bot is “.”. 



  • Custom Syntax – This feature is enabled only for prime users on some other discord bots but not on Maki bot. This bot actually provides the option to define a custom syntax in order to issue commands to the bot.
  • Welcoming system – You can setup welcome messages using this bot. Doing so will send welcome messages to your server whenever a user joins your server. You can custom the welcome message to your own liking.
  • Leveling system – Maki bot also contains a leveling system, just like a lot of other bots on our list.
  • Logging – Maki bot can also be used for viewing and managing server logs. For example, who joined and who left your server, new channel creation etc. and many more server logs.
  • Music – Maki bot also allows you to play music.
  • Roleplay – With Maki bot, you can setup roleplays in any channel of your liking, where users can roleplay and have fun.
  • Role management – With Maki bot, you can manage roles, gives certain roles to certain users etc.

These are a few of the many features Maki bot offers.


6. ZeroTwo

“Personalize your discord server with ZeroTwo bot.” That’s right. ZeroTwo is another feature rich bot, allowing you to personalize your server to a good extent. Let’s skip to its syntax and features.



The default prefix for the ZeroTwo bot is “zt!”.



Let’s look at a few of the features this bot provides us.

  • Custom prefix – ZeroTwo allows you to create a custom prefix for your server. You can manage this easily from the ZeroTwo dashboard.
  • Level System – This feature gives level roles to a user when they level up on a server. With each level, you can have added perks or access to certain channels or voice channels or roles.
  • Moderation – This includes kicking/banning/muting/warning users. The ZeroTwo dashboard is very intuitive and you can easily manage all these features right from its dashboard.
  • Greeting – With ZeroTwo’s dashboard, you can setup a welcoming channel, which sends a customized welcome message whenever a new user joins your server. 
  • Autoroles – Again, using ZeroTwo’s user-friendly dashboard, you can setup the autorole feature, which automatically assigns a role to a user at a specific event which you decide.
  • Reaction Roles – You can setup reaction roles in any channel you desire, the setup for setting up reaction roles is easy. You can read more about it here.


7. Dyno

Dyno bot is one of the most popular moderation bots used widely on more than 800,000 servers.

Dyno being among the top elite members in most used discord bots for moderation, let’s take a look at some of its key features.



The default prefix for issuing commands to Dyno bot is “?”.


Features of Dyno Bot

Let’s take a look at some of Dyno’s key features.

  • Moderation – With over 35 moderation commands, it lets you warn, mute, kick and ban members.
  • Message Saving – The bot can also save the chat messages of banned members instead of letting discord delete them.
  • Channel Lock – This feature gives the admins a chance to clean up the channel or discipline multiple members by locking the channel for limited time period.


Other Dyno Features

  • Find pictures of animals,
  • Flip a coin, 
  • Play music etc.\


Premium bonus

The bot can be used to create custom embedded messages, special text messages that can be viewed even when a user is in voice chat and auto-purge settings that lets you delete all the messages from a chat after a given amount of time. 


8. Tatsu

Among other popular moderation bots, Tatsu is another popular name, providing an all-in-one service! Let’s look at the default prefixes for Tatsu bot.



There are 2 default prefixes when it comes to Tatsu bot. One for standard commands and one for moderation commands. The prefix for standard commands is “t!” and the prefix for moderation commands is “t@”.


Features of Tatsu

Some of the basic features of Tatsu bot are as follows.

  • Moderation – Standard member kick/ban/mute/warn system.
  • Level System – Same level up system as discussed earlier in this article.
  • Server Logs – The name pretty much describes this features. You can view and manage server logs with Tatsu Bot.


More fun Tatsu features

  • Welcoming – Tatsu can also be used to send custom welcome messages when a new user joins the server.  And can send a leaving message when a user leaves the server.
  • Reaction Roles – Tatsu also allows Reaction Roles, which users can get by reacting to that reaction role message set in a predetermined self-roles or any other channel configured by the admins for getting roles.


Extra bonus

Tatsu also includes some basic auto-moderation features like to ban kick users and to prune a channel’s messages. It can also be used to disable specific commands on specific servers.


9. Arcane

Looking to increase user participation while keeping your server free of unwanted content? Well then, Arcane is your doctor.



Moving onto the prefix, the default preset for Arcane bot is “a” or “@Arcane”. You need to type these before a said command. For example: “adashboard”. Of-course, you can change the prefix if you want from Arcane’s dashboard.


Features of Arcane Bot

Basic Arcane features are as follows

  • Moderation – feature including standard member kick/ban/mute/warn system.
  • Channel Lock – Allows admin to lock and clean up a channel or put a halt to any spam and clean up the text channel. 
  • XP/Leveling system – The bot rewards users with custom/vip roles and/or other prizes predetermined by the admins when they participate in channels and gain certain XP or reach a certain level.
  • Reaction Roles – lets a user pick a role when they choose a specific reaction to a message. This is a very useful feature that I also implemented on my very own Linguaholic Language Learning Discord Server.


Premium Arcane Features

  • Message logging in the bot’s moderation log for up to 12 hours,
  • Unlimited reaction roles
  • XP multipliers configuration