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Is Mediavine Better Than Ezoic?

Is Mediavine Better Than Ezoic?

If you are monetizing your website with display ads, chances are that you heard of Mediavine and Ezoic before.

And if you haven’t, it is now time for you to listen very very closely.

Mediavine and Ezoic are both premium ad networks that can earn you quite a bit of money, provided that you have a website that gets a good amount of traffic (from the right countries, of course).

If you are still (just) using Google Adsense, let me tell you one thing upfront: Both Mediavine and Ezoic are very very likely to outperform your Adsense setup.

Ok, great. But the question we have to answer in this post is a little bit different:


Is Mediavine better than Ezoic?

Mediavine is perfect for people who don’t want to deal with the actual ad setup. Ezoic is great if you want to have full control over your ads (placement, amount, etc.). With Ezoic, the ad setup is mostly manual, whereas with Mediavine, professionals will take care of the whole setup process. As far as earnings go, both Mediavine and Ezoic produce similar results.


Mediavine is better if…

If you are the kind of person that would like to focus solely on content, you should definitely go with Mediavine.

Once you registered with Mediavine and your website got approved, Mediavine staff members will install the ads on your website.

They might need you to adjust a couple of things by yourself (you will get an email with some easy instructions) but once that is done, Mediavine will take care of the whole ad setup.

Once Mediavine installed their ad script on your website and they verified that everything is running smoothly, you will just need to give them the green light and you are ready to go.

As far as support goes, Mediavine is far superior over Ezoic. While I had zero issues with Mediavine support, I had some pretty serious debates with Ezoic.

If you ever encounter problems with Mediavine ads, just shoot them a message and they will do everything to solve the problem.

They have very skilled staff members that know exactly what they are doing and they are willing to access your website and solve the problem for you, even if it involves some coding and the like.

Ezoic will reply pretty fast as well but they will never dive into your code and fix something. They simply don’t offer this kind of support.

They might consult their coding staff, though, and they might let you know what their coding staff is thinking about a certain problem, etc

But that said, Ezoic won’t touch your code. Their level of support does not go as deep as Mediavine support goes.

Last but not least, we also need to talk about Site Speed.

As you surely know, Site Speed is now officially a ranking factor.

I do believe that Mediavine does a much better job in this regard than Ezoic.

Mediavine does slow down your website a bit, but the truth is, every ad network (platform) does that.

Ezoic, on the other hand, drastically slows down your website speed as their ad scripts often take a very long time to load.

That said, Ezoic does offer a Site Speed App now, which can definitely speed up your website once again, but the configuration of the Site Speed App can be very tricky, depending on your setup.


Ezoic is better, if…

If you love to setup ads by yourself and are eager to experiment with ad placements, ad sizes, amount of ads per page and any other aspect of ads, chances are that Ezoic is your best bet.

Working with Ezoic usually works like this:

You first apply for Ezoic. Then, someone is going to review your website.

Then, you will get notified and if you are lucky, your website will be approved.

If that is the case, you will manually need to install the ads on your website (well, Ezoic staff can help you with the setup and in some cases, they will maybe do the setup for you, but you shouldn’t bet on that!).

You can install the ads with the help of the Ezoic Chrome Extension. Setting up the ads that way is actually pretty complex (you will need to set up lots of placeholders where later the ads will appear).

And if you are serious about your ad setup you are likely to spend many many hours with that setup. There’s actually a lot that can go wrong with setting up all these placeholders!

Another way you can get the ad setup done is with the plugin Ad Inserter (that only works if you are on WordPress!).

And let me just say that much for now: Ad Inserter is an absolute godsend .

I have always setup my Ezoic ads with the Chrome extension, until I found Ad Inserter.

And to be honest, setting up the Ads with Ad Inserter is like 10 times easier than with the Chrome extension.

If you love statistics, Ezoic has got something for you: It’s called Ezoic Big Data Analytics.

Ezoic Big Data Analytics will give you very useful insights on how your website and ads are performing. You can pull statistics of about anything in BDA. Pretty awesome.

You can think of it like a Google Analytics but a Google Analytics that comes with super useful data about your ads and ad performance.

You can easily find out with landing pages perform the best in terms of ad revenue (EPMV), you can see which country brings you the most money, which ad placeholders perform the best (I think you need Ezoic Premium in order to see that, though) & much more.

So, in terms of the statistics that you get with your ads, Ezoic has the upperhand over Mediavine.

However, it needs to be said that Mediavine now also delivers neat statistics.

Up to very recently, the statistics that Mediavine provided were extremely limited.

But now, as Mediavine offers a new dashboard, they are finally also giving the people the kind of statistics that they need to understand how their ads are actually performing (you can see these stats directly in your Mediavine dashboard).

The last big advantage that Ezoic has over Mediavine is the fact that Ezoic is actually not an exlusive ad network.

That means that if you are working with Ezoic, you are free to use other ad networks as well.

If you have Mediavine ads on your website, you are NOT allowed to use any other ad network on your website (until your contract with Mediavine ends!).


Mediavine vs. Ezoic: Which ad platform earns you more money?

Ok, I know. This is what you ultimately would like to know.

And I certainly don’t blame you for that.

But the truth is that both Mediavine & Ezoic yield pretty similar results when it comes to ad earnings.

The RPM (or EPMV) with these two ad platforms operate in a similar range.

So, it ultimately comes down to your niche and where your traffic is from.

Let’s say you are in the home decor niche, most of your traffic is from the US and you earn about 25 dollars RPM with Ezoic.

Now, if you would shift to Mediavine, what would the results be?

While it is impossible to predict the exact result, it is pretty safe to say that the RPM (EPMV) would be on a comparable level.

It could beo 20 dollars per 1000 visitors but it could also be 30 dollars per 1000 visitors.

You would really need to try it out to be sure.

On the other hand, if you are in the food niche, Mediavine might produce slightly better results for you, as Mediavine has lots of experience & knowledge in this sector.

But generally speaking, when shifting from Mediavine to EZOIC or vice-versa, don’t expect any miracles.

It’s not quite the same as changing from Adsense to either Mediavine or Ezoic.

Because in this case, your ad revenue is very likely to increase A LOT.

I remember the days when I just used Google Adsense. Sad days, to be honest. I really just earned pennies.

Then, when I switched to EZOIC, I have seen a very big increase in ad earnings.

Same story when changing from Adsense to Mediavine!

And to finish this article off, here’s a short video that I produced that will hopefully further help you to decide whether Mediavine or Ezoic is the right choice for you (I actually use both).

Also, if you are with Mediavine, I highly suggest you to give the following article a read, where you can learn how I doubled my revenue with Mediavine practically over night.