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How to Fade Out Audio in Canva

How to Fade Out Audio in Canva

Canva is an awesome piece of software.

I find myself using Canva very very often.

In fact, there’s hardly any day that I can do without Canva.

It’s just so easy to get things done in Canva and Canva does it all: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube thumbnails…you name it!

As far as designing posters and thumbnails go, Canva definitely does an awesome job.

But what about video editing?

Well, that’s a whole different story.

In this article, we are going to discuss whether Canva is capable of fading out audio tracks or not. And if yes, how so.


How to fade out audio in Canva?

In fact, there is no way to manually fade out audio in Canva (same also goes for Canva Pro). However, for some time now, Canva actually has a built-in function that will automatically fade out your audio track on download. When previewing your project (be it a project with pictures or video), your audio track won’t fade out at all at the end of the video. And yes, this will sound horrible.

However, whenever you download a project and then listen to it again, you will notice that the audio will indeed be faded out. The sad part about that is simply that you don’t have any control over the fading out process (fade out curve, etc.)


No go-to program for audio just yet

Canva is great. No doubt about it.

But as far as audio goes, Canva is just not there (yet).

At this very moment, all you can do with audio in Canva is to drag & drop an audio track to your project. That’s pretty much it.

You are limited to one single audio track per project. All you can do so far is change the volume of the audio and adjust the audio length.

However, if your project has several pages/slides, you can’t add multiple audio files.

So, more often than not, Canva won’t satisfy your audio needs (unless you have very very basic needs for audio).


So, how to fade out your audio then?

As mention before, Canva will automatically fade out your audio. However, chances are that these fade outs won’t do. And as there is no way you can adjust these fade outs within Canva, you will need to make use of 3rd party software.

If you do happen to own a decent audio program, such as Audacity (free) or maybe something like Logic or Steinberg, you are far better off doing your audio edits there.

The preferred workflow, in that case, is to simply export your Canva project without audio and to add your audio later on in a dedicated audio program.

You can, of course, also download your project with audio and then, in your preferred video software, just give your audio track the final touch.

Whenever you are inserting a video (which contains audio) into a video software such as Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve, two tracks (one video track and one audio track) will automatically be created.

Then you can simply edit your audio track and make it work with the video track.