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How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok in 6 Simple Steps

How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok in 6 Simple Steps

TikTok — the social media app that everyone raves about nowadays since it allows its users to have access to the videos they want to see.

Whether you’ll only browse through funny videos or you want to try out some trendy dance moves, TikTok’s got it all for you.

But, if there’s one thing that anyone can try out when they first enter the TikTok world, it would be applying filters to their images or videos.

And, among all the filters, the “Flash Effect” or the “Flash Warning Effect” filter is among the top favorites.

I can talk all day here about why the flash effect is such a huge hit among the social media app’s users, but it would be better to show you how it’s applied.


How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok

  1. After tapping the TikTok app on your phone to launch it, press the “+” button at the bottom panel of the “Home” page.
  2. Press the “Effects” button on the “Create a Post” page.
  3. Tap the “Trending” category on the menu bar and search for the “Flash Effect” filter or type in the keywords in the search bar.
  4. Press the “Rainbow Flash” effect filter.
  5. Change the background that the “Flash Effect” filter features by choosing from the photos available in the gallery of your phone.
  6. Record your TikTok video using the said filter and add sounds and other effects before posting it.


Out of all the various effects that you can try out on TikTok, the “Flash Effect” is one of the must-tries.

Before you proceed with applying this filter, make sure you’re not prone to experiencing migraines or seizures as using it can trigger them.

So, if you’re eager to create a TikTok video using this “Flash Effect” filter (and you’re healthy enough to do it), then here’s the step-by-step guide for you based on the steps that we outlined above. 


Step 1: Head to the bottom panel of TikTok’s “Home” page and tap the “+” button

How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok Step 1

This move will then redirect you to the “Create a Post” page.


Step 2: On the “Create a Post” page, tap “Effects”

How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok Step 2

You’ll find it on the left side of the “Record” button.


Step 3: Head to the menu bar of the pop-out menu and press “Trending”

How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok Step 3

From there, you can swipe up the screen to search for the “Flash Effect” filter.

If you can’t find it from the filter choices, tap the magnifying glass icon and type in the search bar the keywords “Flash Effect.”

How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok Step 3


Step 4: Search the “Rainbow Flash” filter and tap it

How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok Step 4

Automatically, the background will shift into a background with a rainbow flash effect.


Step 5: Head to “Gallery” and choose from the images available in your phone’s gallery

How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok Step 5

This is if you want to want to change the background picture. After which, tap on the picture to select it.

Automatically, the background will change to the photo you selected earlier.


Step 6: After tweaking your “Flash Effect” filter, record your video

Then add and trim sounds and other effects to improve your TikTok video.

And, once you’re done, tap the red checkmark and the “Next” button to begin tagging someone to your TikTok post.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Do the Flash Effect on Tiktok


What are TikTok filters used for?

TikTok filters are effects that help improve your video’s visual impact while fusing it with your sense of creativity. These filters, once applied, changes the overall feel of the video or photo.


How can I avoid TikTok videos with the “Flash Effect” if I’m photosensitive?

As TikTok’s “Flash Effect” flashes rainbow images, it can trigger seizures and migraines. Hence, the developers have placed a warning that the video shows photosensitive content. The user only needs to tap the “Skip all” button to skip these kinds of videos.


Do I need to use other photo editing apps to be able to create the “Flash Effect” on TikTok?

Though you can use other photo editing apps to enhance your TikTok videos, you don’t necessarily need to use them to create the “Flash Effect.” Just search for the “Flash Effect” filter on TikTok’s effects gallery to achieve the same effect.