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How to Change the Color of Names (Roles) in Discord

How to Change the Color of  Names (Roles) in Discord

Discord is some great piece of software that is enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world. Especially gamers appreciate Discord and use it as their favorite means of communication.

While the software is not all that difficult to use, there is still a bit of a learning curve.

So, if you just recently discovered Discord, chances are that you are still struggling with some of the basic settings.

One of these settings is the color of your name.

As you know, the color of your name can be changed. But how so?


How can you change the color of your name/role in Discord?

To change the color of your name/role, click on your server name (top left corner) and then choose “Server settings.” Then, head over to “Roles.” Now, select your role from the roles list. On the right side, you will see the Role Name and below that you have “Role Color.” Now, to change the role color you can simply choose one of the predefined colors or click on “Custom Color” to choose whatever color your like (you can also input a HEX Color Code there). You need special permissions to change these settings!


You need the right permissions to set the color

It needs to be said that not everybody can simply change the color of his name.

Usually, only admins can change the colors of roles (names).

So, as a regular member of a server, you will most likely not have the permission to change your color (=change roles because different colors are awarded on a roles-basis).


Changing colors by ranking system

On many Discord servers, the color of your name might change over time, while you are leveling up.

To put it simply: On many Discord servers, different roles have different colors and while you level up, the color of your name might change.


Color is a question of hierarchy

On Discord, every member can have many different roles. And as we have seen, every role can have a different color.

So, if you have like 5 roles and each of these 5 roles has its own color, which color will your name have, then?!?

Well, your name will have the color of the highest role that you got.

The highest role?

Yes. When you click on the server name in the top left of the screen, then go to “Server settings” and then switch to “Roles”, you will see the Roles list.

Now, this list is hierarchical. That means that on top of the list, you will see the highest role. All roles below that role will inherit the color and all the attributes (unless defined differently) from that top role.

So, if the top role’s color is set to yellow and let’s say some other role below that has the color green, your name will have the color yellow, supposed that you have been assigned both of these roles.

However, it is possible to adjust the settings, so that a lower role in the hierarchy can still give you the name color rather than having the name color from the role that is higher in the hierarchy.

To adjust that, in the same panel (“Server settings” and then “Roles”), you would need to make sure that the option “Display role members separately from online members” is turned off for the role that you would like to ignore (only in terms of role color!).


Discord: Award name/role colors through Patreon

If you are the administrator of the server, you can also award colors through Patreon.

You could, for instance, reserve colored names for Patrons only.

That means that only people who would subscribe through Patreon could get a colored rank on your Discord.

In order to get that done, you would need to connect Patreon with Discord.


Discord Colored names/roles: FAQ

As a regular member of a Discord server, can I manually adjust the color of my name?

As a regular member without special permissions, you can’t do that. You would need to have admin permissions to change the name color. The name color depends on your role, as colors are set by role. If there is a leveling mechanism set in place, it can very well be that you will get another name color once you level up (= once you will be awarded another, higher role).

Is there no bot that can manage colors in Discord?

In fact, there is a bot that can manage coloring of names/roles in Discord. It is called Color-Chan. If you install this bot, you will have much more flexibility in coloring names/roles in Discord. You can find that bot here.

If I have several roles (each with its own color), which color will my name get?

If you do have several roles, you will get the color of the highest role. The roles & colors are hierarchical. So, lower roles will inherit the attributes (such as the color) from higher roles. You can change the hierarchy of the roles with a simple drag & drop in the roles list (“Server settings” and then head over to “Roles”). There, the first role in the list is the highest role and the last role in the list represents the lowest role. To change the hierarchy, simply drag & drop the role to a different position in that list.