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The 15 Best Canva Fonts for Instagram — Revealed!

The 15 Best Canva Fonts for Instagram — Revealed!

Instagram’s one of the many social media apps that people go to when they want to look for some visual inspiration.

Whatever your reason is for using Instagram, the most important thing is to make your post visually appealing and eye-catching.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to persuade (in the figurative sense) your followers to share your posts (aka hashtag, not Insta-worthy).

With that, you need to pair your stunning visual media with unique fonts. And, one of the best ways for you to add those fonts is by using Canva as your design tool.

So, let’s deep dive into the fonts you should keep in mind when creating Canva posts for Instagram.


The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram

  1. Glacial Indifference
  2. Open Sans Light
  3. League Gothic
  4. League Spartan
  5. Merriweather
  6. Montserrat
  7. Playfair Display
  8. Cinzel
  9. Nunito
  10. Ramaraja
  11. Agrandir Medium
  12. Yeseva One
  13. Gistesy
  14. Holiday
  15. Dancing Script


15 Canva Fonts for Instagram You Should Remember


Glacial Indifference

The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Glacial Indifference

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this font name’s the icebergs found in the Arctic.

But, if you take a closer at the font itself, you’ll see that it’s not even a close reference to those frigid icebergs. 

Regardless, this font’s the most commonly used font on Instagram. Why won’t it be when it’s simple and incredibly legible, right? Plus, as Glacial Indifference’s based on geometric fonts, you’re assured your Instagram posts will be clean yet elegantly modern.


Open Sans Light

The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Open Sans Light

Does this font name ring a bell to you? Well, if you’re someone who constantly creates graphic designs for social media, then the Open Sans Light font isn’t unfamiliar to you.

After all, with its simple yet attractive strokes, this font’s designed and optimized for web, print, and mobile interfaces.

You’re perfectly assured that whether your followers on Instagram are using the web version or the app, your post’s readable.

Plus, as it’s legible, you don’t have to worry about using Open Sans Light with small fonts — or for any font size in that matter.


League Gothic

The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram League Gothic

If you’re looking for a font with a modern twist on a classic font style, then League Gothic’s the one you’re looking for.

Originally designed by Mr. Morris Fuller Benton in 1923, you’ll find that this typeface’s in the public domain.

So, if you’re planning to create sale and promo posts on Instagram, then League Gothic’s your go-to font style. 

After all, you don’t want your potential buyers to continue scrolling down as they can’t decipher what you’re trying to offer as a promo to them.


League Spartan

The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram League Spartan

Now, if you’re a fan of the 300 movie, then you’d probably want to use a font style that’s like an homage to the Spartans’ strength.

Like the Spartans, this font features a strong yet adaptable neat design that’s perfect for text-laden Instagram posts. 

Though you can use this for animations and videos as well as it’s legible. 

Whatever Instagram post you have planned out, you’ll never go wrong with keeping League Spartan in your arsenal of font types.

And, if you are that much of a fan, maybe also consider setting up a fan page on Instagram. I am just saying…



The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Merriweather

Another font style in Canva that’s optimized for reading on digital screens is Merriweather.

Aside from legibility, Merriweather’s large height, mild diagonal stress, and sturdy serifs make it a pleasant font to read on screens.

So, if you’re creating text-laden Instagram posts that involve headings, captions, sentences, quotes, and the like, you can never go wrong with Merriweather.

Especially since Merriweather’s a part of the 12 best Serif fonts you can find in Canva.



The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Montserrat

Another addition to the timeless and classic fonts in Canva’s font gallery is Montserrat.

A hybrid of a Serif and Sans Serif font style, Montserrat gives your Instagram post a professional yet incredibly versatile vibe. 

Plus, this font’s functional. Any brand advertising or marketing-related Instagram posts won’t look haphazardly done to the viewers.

Also, you won’t go wrong in pairing any font with Montserrat as it’s one of the few font styles considered to be in neutral territory.


Playfair Display

The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Playfair Display

Another Serif font that you can add to your list of best fonts for Instagram posts is Playfair Display.

Yet, this font style isn’t like your typical Serif font as it features graceful and elegant curves as finishing touches to the letter strokes.

Hence, it’s a favorite font among bloggers and content marketing freelancers. Like Montserrat, you can easily pair Playfair Display with other fonts.

However, you can still use Playfair Display for Insta posts that feature very little text.



The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Cinzel

For those who prefer to use Roman-inspired fonts in their Instagram posts, Cinzel’s the perfect match for you.

A typeface based on classical proportions, Cinzel portrays in its every stroke the Latin alphabet’s ancient history merged with a contemporary vibe.

So, if you’re creating presentations or brand marketing stuff on Instagram, know that Cinzel’s a formidable ally in the font style department.



The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Nunito

Another attention-grabbing, mobile screen-friendly font you can use for Instagram is Nunito.

You might underestimate this font style, but Nunito’s clean and legible strokes make it perfect for any post on social media. Hence, its popularity among graphic designers.



The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Ramaraja

Another clean and legible Canva font that you can use on your Instagram posts is Ramaraja.

But, unlike the Nunito, Ramaraja features thicker and bolder strokes. 

So, it’s safe to say that you can use Ramaraja for logo designs and social media posts that somehow emit an Asian royalty vibe to it.

It’s a good font to be used for book covers as it’s incredibly eye-catching.


Agrandir Medium

The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Agrandir Medium

If you prefer adding a human touch to your Instagram fonts, Agrandir Medium’s the one you can count on.

Designed by Alex Alobzheninov, Agrandir Medium’s a stark contrast to fonts that are neutral and modernist.

As this font style features its own shapes, you’re expected to have a funky, quirky vibe to your Insta post.


Yeseva One

The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Yeseva One

Quite feminine to the ears, right? If you think so, you’re correct.

With this font being a tribute of the creator to his wife, Yeseva One features a feminine charm to it. In fact, the font’s name is derived from the “Yes, Eva” phrase.

So, don’t hesitate to use this font style for branding products related to women, or if you simply want your Insta post to have a feminine vibe.



The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Gistesy

If you’re tired of using the block script type of fonts and want to use something akin to handwriting, Gistesy’s the best one to go.

Though Gistesy’s more of the script type of font, you’ll notice that its letters aren’t joined. 

Hence, even if you use this font style for logos, branding projects, product packaging, and stuff, you can still read the text.

But, do note that Gistesy emits a classic and elegant vibe to it. So, if you’re creating wedding e-vites, labels, or photography, you won’t go wrong with this font.



The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Holiday

Another great handwriting font in Canva that you can add to your arsenal’s Holiday.

Unlike Gistesy though, this script font’s got its letters joined, typical of cursive fonts. 

So, if you want your text on the Insta post to look more like an elegant scribble, you won’t go wrong with this font style.

Gistesy’s one of the perfect fonts you can find in Canva that you can use to caption travel-related photography. It gives off a feel like you’re writing on the photo paper itself.


Dancing Script

The Best Canva Fonts for Instagram Dancing Script

Another great font that’s best used for travel blogging and Instagram posts (as they’re mainly photographs) is Dancing Script.

Unlike Gistesy and Holiday, Dancing Script leans more into the calligraphy type of font rather than handwriting. 

Yet, it still exudes a friendly, spontaneous, and informal look to it.

Hence, you can best use the Dancing Script font for writing captions on your photos posted on Instagram. 

Think of it as an artsy accentuation to your already stunning image.