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How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile in 8 Easy-Peasy Steps

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile in 8 Easy-Peasy Steps

Oh! I think I want to alphabetize the text channels on my Discord server.

But, a PC’s not in sight right now. Can I do this task even when a mobile phone’s all I got?

Well, if you’ve installed the Discord app on your mobile phone, then it’s a big YES!

The only thing you should figure out now is how to move the channels on Discord mobile.


How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile

To move Discord channels on mobile, first tap on your server’s name. Then, press “Settings.” On the “Server Settings” page, tap “Channels.” Then, tap the “Sort” icon. From the menu, choose a sort mode. From there, drag and drop the server channels before tapping “Done.”

No matter what device you’ve installed your Discord app on, there’s no excuse for you not to move Discord channels.

Though the desktop version of the app sure makes the task easier due to the wider screen, the mobile version’s also highly capable of achieving it.

Just make sure that you’re the admin or you have admin access to the server to be able to enjoy this nifty feature.

So, if you’re all set to learn the basics of this feature, better keep reading below.

Step 1: Tap “Discord” on your phone to launch it. 

After which, press the hamburger menu on the upper left of the screen to open the left side panel.

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile Step 1

You can also simply swipe your finger to the right to access the left side panel.

Step 2: Once the server names on the left side panel appear, locate your server’s name and press it.

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile Step 2

Step 3: On the menu that appears, there are various buttons for you to press.

Since we want to move Discord channels on your server, tap “Settings.” You won’t miss this icon out as it takes the shape of a gear or cogwheel.

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile Step 3

Step 4: Now, you’ll head to the “Server Settings” page.

On the said page, press “Channels.” 

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile Step 4

Step 5: Once you’re on the “Channels” page, you’ll see the various channels, both text and voice, in your server.

However, you won’t immediately see the “Sort” option for the channels. On previous app versions, you’ll see the plain word itself.

But, in the most recent update, the “Sort” word has been replaced with the 3-horizontal-line icon. Yet, it isn’t the same as a hamburger menu as the lines are not of the same length.

Regardless, just tap the “Sort” icon on the “Channels” page’s upper right.

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile Step 5

Step 6: But, before you begin with the sorting process, you’ll be asked to select the “Sort Mode.”

From the 3 options, choose the one that you wish to categorize. For sample purposes, I’ll tap the “Text Channel.”

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile Step 6

Step 7: After pressing the “Text Channel” option, sorting icons will appear beside the names of your Discord channels.

From there, long-press before you drag and drop the channel names until they’re arranged or sorted to your liking.

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile Step 7

Step 8: If the channels are already arranged to your liking, then tap “Done” on the upper right of the page.

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile Step 8

And, just like that, you’ve already moved Discord channels on mobile. Don’t wait for too long before you try this feature out.

Trust me, you’ll never stop moving your Discord channels once you get the hang of this.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile


Why can’t I drag the channels on a Discord server on its mobile version?

The biggest reason you can’t drag channels on Discord mobile is that you’re not a server admin. If you’re just a member, DM the admin to grant your request. Also, the mobile app’s kind of glitchy. With that, simply restart or reinstall the Discord app to make it run smoothly again.


What if I still can’t move the Discord channels on mobile even after restarting or reinstalling the app?

When restarting or reinstalling the Discord mobile app doesn’t fix the problem of not being able to move Discord channels, submit a report. You can submit this report either directly from the Discord app or by DMing them on Twitter. Usually, you’ll receive a reply within a few hours to a few days.


If I’m accessing Discord from a desktop, how do I move the channels on a server?

On the desktop version of Discord, you can move the channels on a server from the main interface. Then, simply hold and click on the channel you wish to move before dragging it to its new place.