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See Memories on Instagram — Here’s How

See Memories on Instagram — Here’s How

Stories and posts on Instagram serve as our digital photo diary nowadays. If you want to share a special moment in your day, simply snap a photo or shoot a quick video and post it.

But, with all these posts and stories, it’s challenging to keep tabs on every event of our lives.

Sometimes we even forget about them unless a notification shows us pictures or videos of that day.

Good thing social media apps have developed a feature to remind us of these special moments. Facebook calls this the “Memories” feature. 

Instagram, on the other hand, has a similar feature to memories called “On this Day.” But, if you can’t see it appear on your feed, where can you access it?


How to See Memories on Instagram

To see memories on Instagram, tap “Profile” on the bottom menu of the home page. Press the hamburger menu next and choose “Archive.” Tap the down arrow and choose the “Stories Archive,” or “Posts Archive.” Swipe down to find the “Memories” section.

Once you see your memories on Instagram, you can tap the “Share” button to post them as an Instagram story. You can even add lyrics to that story to add more nostalgia.

But, before you repost them as stories, follow these steps first to see your Instagram memories.


Step 1: Tap the “Profile” icon

How to See Memories on Instagram Step 1

You’ll find this icon on the bottom menu of Instagram’s home page.


Step 2: Press the hamburger menu on your “Profile” page

How to See Memories on Instagram Step 2

This hamburger menu appears as 3 horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. You also won’t miss it as it appears beside your Instagram username.


Step 3: Choose “Archive”

How to See Memories on Instagram Step 3

This “Archive” button has the icon of a clock with a backward-pointing arrow beside it. If you still can’t find it, it is the 3rd option that appears on the menu, between “Your Activity” and “QR Code.”


Step 4: Tap the down arrow beside “Stories Archive”

How to See Memories on Instagram Step 4


This step can be optional as by default, the first archive section that appears is that of your “Stories.” 

But, if you want to look for memories in your archived posts, press the down arrow. You can then choose from 3 options: “Stories Archive,” “Posts Archive,” and “Live archive.”

However, the “Stories Archive” section should be the first page that you’d look into if you’re searching for memories.


Step 5: Swipe up to see the “Memories” section

How to See Memories on Instagram Step 5

If you have made a post on that particular day in the previous years, you will see an “On this Day” notification. This shows the particular IG story made that day.

But, these memories are only visible to you unless you share them as a new IG story or post.

You can always press “Share” if you want to post the memory as your story for the day. 

If you haven’t the “Memories” section won’t be visible after the story archives gallery.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to See Memories on Instagram


How do you share a memory as a new Instagram story?

First, tap the “Share” button on the “On this Day” notification. Choose the video or picture in the memory to change its view. Then change the “Memories” sticker automatically added to the story to “On this Day.” Add effects and stickers to the story before tapping “Send to” and “Your Story.” 


Who can see your memories on Instagram?

Just like archived stories, it is only you who can see your memories on Instagram. But, if hit the “Share” button, your close friends and/or Instagram followers can see them already.


In case I can’t find any memory in the “Archive” section, where else can I find it?

On the off-chance that you can’t find memories on “Archive,” you can tap the “Activity” tab on the bottom menu. This tab appears as a heart icon. You can then scroll down and look out for memories that you’ve missed when searching earlier.


Can I reshare a post that is in the “Archive” section?

If you have saved any posts in the “Archives” section, you can reshare them. Just tap the hamburger menu on your IG profile page, tap “Archives,” then press the down arrow to choose “Posts Archives.” Then choose a post you want to reshare and add a caption to it before posting it as a memory.