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Marcel Iseli

Hey guys! It's me, Marcel, aka Maschi. I earn a full-time income online and on MaschiTuts I gladly share with you guys how I stay on top of the game! I run several highly profitable blogs & websites and love to speak about these project whenever I get a chance to do so. I do this full-time and wholeheartedly. In fact, the moment I stopped working an 8-to-5 job and finally got into online business as a digital entrepreneur, is problably one of the best decisions I ever took in my life. And I would like to make sure that YOU can get on this path as well! Don't let anyone tell you that this can't be done. Sky's the limit, long as you BELIEVE in it! And it all starts right Maschituts!

The MaschiTuts Youtube Experiment

In many ways, the future of blogging is uncertain. While good texts are certainly still needed in 2021 and onwards, the momentum is very much shifting towards video content. Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube and many other video platforms are at an all-time high and this trend will certain also continue after we are finally done …

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