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Here’s Why Pinterest Video Pins are Not Worth It at All

Here’s Why Pinterest Video Pins are Not Worth It at All

It’s no secret that video content is on the rise. If your company doesn’t do video these days, chances are that it won’t get the desired exposure.

And I am not going to tell you otherwise.

But does that mean that you should do video in any case, on any platform, at any given time?

Well, no. It certainly doesn’t.

And one good example where video content just simply does not (yet) work is on Pinterest. So, let’s dive right into the main question of this article.


Are Pinterest video pins worth it?

At the moment, creating video pins on Pinterest offers very little value to content creators. While video pins certainly create lots of impressions and views, people hardly click through to your actual content. And that is (almost) all that matters. What are all these impressions worth if nobody will click through to see your actual content? Not much at all. So, in case you don’t just want to raise your brand awareness and ar actually dependend on click throughs (which is certainly true for most of us), then stay away from video pins. 


Don’t believe the hype

The Pinterest video pin hype is real. Go on Youtube and you will find so many videos about people getting all excited about these video pins. But the problem is always the same: They get all excited over lots of impressions. But impressions do absolutely nothing for you (in most cases). You need clicks.


Here’s Why Video Pins don’t work

The problem with video pins is that they create no clicks. And why is that so? Because it is harder to click through than with regular Pinterest pins.

With video pins, in order to get to the website behind the video pin, you will actually need to make a bigger effort than with regular pins. If you click on a regular pin, then you immediately get to the website.

With Pinterest video pins, this is not the case. It’s as simple as that. So, if you want to get to the actual website, you will need to click the domain name. A click on the video will only stop/restart the video.

This seems like a very subtle difference, yet this makes all the difference in the world.


Dive into your Pinterest Analytics

To see how (bad) Pinterest video pins are doing for you, you should head over to your Pinterest Analytics.

If you haven’t yet verified your website, you should do that, so that you can actually get proper analytics for your Pinterest account.

Once you have done that, you will want to head over to “Analytics” in your Pinterest account and then have a look for the section “Top Pins.”

Now, the Top Pins will probably show impressions as a standard (everywhere everybody pretends it is all about impressions..which is actually absurd because impressions do absolutely nothing for you).

So, you will want to change that to “Link clicks” (remember, link clicks is what it is all about!).

Now, you will see your Top Pins. And I would bet quite a lot of money that you will discover that your Video Pins are most probably doing pretty bad compared with your best-performing regular pins.

And if I am wrong, that’s ok with me as well. At least you have clarity and certainty now and know which pins are REALLY performing well for you!

And once you know that….bang out more of these dolla-heavy pins!