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Hunt Down US Traffic for More Ad Revenue

Hunt Down US Traffic for More Ad Revenue

Bloggers, website creators, internet marketers & youtubers will all tell you the same thing:

Traffic matters a lot.

They will tell you that you need LOTS of traffic to make money.

And while that is certainly true (I don’t disagree with this at all), there is one thing that they often won’t tell you (or won’t stress it enough):

You actually need traffic from the RIGHT countries.

This just really can’t be stressed enough.

Because only if you get loads of traffic from the right countries will you be able to earn a lot of money through ad monetization.

Ok, and let me just straight up tell you where your traffic needs to come from: FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Traffic from the US is just worth so much more than traffic from other countries, at least as far as ad revenue goes.

That’s a broad claim, I know. But let me show you guys.


US Traffic Rules Everything Around Me

As far as ad revenue for niche websites goes, you’ll want to have as much US traffic as possible.

Here’s my proof (see below):

Ok, let me explain.

What you see on this screenshot is the following:

This is data from my language learning website Linguaholic. It shows the traffic and the ad revenue from the past 30 days.

Now, as you can see, I earned $238.36 dollars from traffic from the US (resulting from 26, 374 sessions).

Now, let’s have a look at traffic from the Phillipines. As you ca see, I had a total of 9,253 sessions from the Phillipines in the past 30 days.

And how much money did that generate for me? A whopping $4.90.

Let that sink in….almost 10’000 sessions (about 1/3 of the traffic that I had from the US) and these sessions were only worth $4.90, whereas 26’374 sessions from the US got me $238.36 dollars.

This huge difference is also reflected in the RPM (=Revenue per Mille). This metric essentially shows you how much money you earn from 1000 visitors.

So, when comparing this metric for both the US and the Phillipines, 1000 visitors from the US are worth $7.95 and 1000 visitors from the Phillipines are only worth $0.48!

This is C-R-A-Z-Y.

And to be honest, this is really the whole story.

And I do own about 10 websites and I can assure you that all these screenshots look more or less like this.

Traffic from the US is almost always worth much more than traffic from other countries.

Agreed, comparing the Phillipines to US yields very drastic results. If we would go and compare the traffic from the US and from another country such as Germany, the difference would be smaller.

But it would still be very very noticeable.

And then, every niche and every website is different. But chances are that you will find similar results on your websites, niche blogs or whatever kind of website you are running.

And this is why US Traffic is KING as far as Ad Monetization goes.


YOU Can Get That US Traffic Too

The beauty of all of this is that YOU can get that precious US traffic no matter where you are.

No, you don’t necessarily need to be located within the US. Not at all.

Take me, for example.

I am writing this very text from Biel, Switzerland.

And yet, I target US traffic.

And I would say pretty successfully, as most of my readers are actually from the US.

So, how is it possible?

Well, to put it simply: You need to write about things that people in the US are interested in (=choose the right niche) and you need to write your content in a language that people from the US understand: English.

That’s about it.

And, of course, you would need to be smart about the niche you are choosing for your website.

Because if your website is talking about local businesses in New York, you might have a very hard time to manage this from outside of the US.

On the other hand, if you write a blog about a universal topic, such as Plants & Gardening, you could very well do that from Switzerland or any other country and still target the US audience.


Well, you would need to find out what people in the US are interested in. There are many ways to find out:

And many more.

So if you are all about creating niche websites and blogs, you could (and should) target the US audience if you want to make serious money through display advertising.

In general, websites that are based on information are the kind of websites (and blogs) that you are looking for if you want to get that US traffic (even when you are not located in the US).

Because with some online and offline research, you can gather all the necessary information and write about topics that matter to people in the US without physically being there.

Of course, this might be a bit harder for a Non-US person, but it is definitely possible.

Do you need to be in the US to write an article about a houseplant that many people in the US like and would like to get? No.

Do you need to be in the US to write a guide on “How to study Japanese as an English-native speaker?.” Absolutely not.

Do you need to be in the US to write about the best ways to monetize your blog? Hell, no.


Don’t Be Scared To Climb This Mountain (even if your native language is NOT English)

I am not saying that this is going to be an easy journey for you.

There are definitely some difficulties that you will need to overcome here, especially if your native language is NOT english.

The language barrier will be a factor in this case. Of course.

It’s always the easiest to write in your native language, I think that’s something we can all agree to.

So, if your native language is German (like mine) or let’s say Spanish, you will have a disadvantage here. Because guess what:

You will need to write your articles in English, as this is the only way really to make sure that you can get lots of that golden US traffic.

Is this easy?

Certainly not.

Is it possible?


By now, I have written hundreds of blog posts and articles in English.

And to be honest, some of them are pretty awful; I don’t even dare to go back and have a look at the first blog post I have ever written in English; it surely does look terrible.

But with that said, with every blog post that I have ever crafted in English, my texts got a little bit bitter. And a little bit more interesting. And a little bit more intruiguing…

…and this made me realize that my texts don’t need to be perfect to be read and enjoyed.

Was the effort worth it?

Oh, Yes. Writing in English opened up a whole new world to me, enables me to reach a global audience and also enables me to earn much more money through ads.

Because whenever we talk about display ad monetization, the simple truth is: Traffic from the US is worth much more than traffic from any other country.

Let’s say your niche is “fly fishing.”

Let’s assume you are crafting a text about Fly fishing in Montana.

You will obviously write that text in English, as mostly people from that US region will be interested in reading a text like this.

Maybe this text will earn you about 15 dollars per 1000 visitors (RPM = Revenue per Mille).

RPM is a very important metric. The data of the screenshot is from Mediavine (my favorite ad network of all time).

Other Premium Ad Networks such as Ezoic use EPMV rather than RPM to calculate the Ad revenue per 1000 visitors.

But that info was just on a side note, let us get back to our original topic.

Now, if you write the same kind of text about Fly Fishing in Germany, chances are that this text will earn you much less per 1000 visitors.

Maybe something like 8 dollars per 1000 visitors. (I chose some random numbers for these examples, the real result could be obviously pretty different!)

So, why is that?

Simply because most (high-paying) ad networks primarily operate and focus on the US market.

And so it is not that surprising that there’s more money for you on the table when you actually decide to write about fly fishing in Montana rather than fly fishing in Germany (or a specific region in Germany).

This was maybe not the best example, though, as writing about fly fishing in Montana might be a difficult task for someone who is not living in that very region.

Ok, let’s take another example. And I promise this one will make more sense.

Let’s assume you are a beat producer. You love producing beats with drum machines and now you would like to write a text about how to produce beats.

Now, is the procedure to produce a beat any different whether you produce that beat in the US or in Europe? Of course not.

So, in this case, all you would need to double check is whether there is an interest for this very topic in the US (there surely is). And then you could go on writing this topic with having people in the US in mind.

But how am I going to do that? How do I know if people in the US are really interested in this topic?

Well, do this. Go to

Now search for “How to produce beats”. What you will see is this here:

The Magic keyword here is: The Google Autosuggeset Feature

Whenever you are searching for something on, Google will try to autosuggest certain topics.

And why is this important?

This info is absolutely crucial because it will actually show you what people in the US (not only US, but to a large degree) are interested in when it comes to the topic field of “How To Produce Beats.”

And here’s a key takeaway for you: If Google suggests things to you via the autosuggest feature, you can be absolutely sure that these are topics that do get some (decent) traffic.

I mean, if that wouldn’t be the case, why would Google bother suggesting it?

So, this is actually the most reliable keyword tool ever. And also the most overlooked keyword tool.

It might come as a surprise to you but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for keyword tools in order to run a successful website.

The Google Autosuggest feature might be all you need.

It is very well possible to create a successful website that gets lots of traffic by ONLY using the Google Autosuggest feature.


Use Other Keyword Tools to Get Some More Data

Keyword tools are not perfect. In fact, they are far from it.

And let me tell you one thing upfront: These keyword tools are by no means accurate.

The statistics that you will find there are nothing more estimations in most of the cases.

This especially holds true for the estimated search volume of keywords as indicated by these tools.

The only one who really knows how much search traffic a keyword really gets is Google itself. Please keep that in mind.

So, does that make the use of keyword tools obsolete?

Not really. But it definitely takes some of the magic out of these tools. And you need to be aware of this fact, so that you can make smart & wise decisions.

Now, some of the metrics of these keyword tools are definitely more valuable than others.

For instance, these keyword tools will usually give you an idea on how many times a keyword is searched for (pure estimation but still useful) and also from where this keyword is searched for (US, Germany, England, etc.).

While the latter is obviously also just an estimation, it is still useful to know whether a keyword is primarily searched for from the United States or maybe some other country such as England or Canada.

We just learned that US traffic is what you should aim for. So this data definitely comes in handy.

Now, let me give you some good recommendations for keyword tools.

There are essentially two great keyword tools out there that all the big players & ambitioned bloggers & content creaters out there use: SemRush or Ahrefs.

Both of them are great. I personally prefer Ahrefs.

The cool thing about Ahrefs is also that you can get a 7-day free trial. And in those 7 days, you can use the sofware without any restrictions.

So, what does that mean for you?

It simply means that you can use these 7 days to collect all the data you’ll need.

And that could very well be enough data to write great content for the next 6 months to come.

7 days is easily enough to analyze your competition & find great keywords for your future texts.

Ahrefs is by no means cheap. It’s actually set at 100 bucks per month after that intial trial period. That might sound like a lot.

But to be honest: It is sooooo worth it.

This software will help you to find priceless keywords and only ranking for one amazing keyword could easily get you back those 100 dollars and maybe also 10 times more (no joke).

And now, before you head off into the sunset, here’s a small video for you guys. It will, once and again, show you why you will want to have as much US traffic as possible!

Good luck with hunting that US traffic down!