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How To Draw In Canva in 2021

How To Draw In Canva in 2021

Did you ever want to know how you can free draw in Canva? If yes then you are like me. The quick answer regarding how to draw in Canva is that you cannot free draw in Canva.

Currently, there is no free drawing possibility in the Canva tool. This doesn’t mean that you cannot create any custom shapes though.

Combining elements and subtracting parts from elements is a what for you to end up with your desired look and thus a custom created shape.

Let’s have a look at a simple example of how you can draw in Canva.


How to draw in Canva

Let’s assume you want to create a logo in Canva and you want to draw a unique shape for it. We are starting with a simple canvas of 400×400 pixels or any size that you prefer.

What we have in mind is a moon-shaped element. Let’s now look at the step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Elememts
  2. Choose the circle Element. It is one of the first Elements than you can select
  3. What you now do is either copy and paste the existing element or click on it again
  4. Now you have two circles
  5. The trick is to now fill one of the circles  in the background-color
  6. You will see quickly that the circle becomes invisible and as you lay it over the existing circle and it will subtract from it.
  7.  You can also vary the size of the background colored circle to end up with the desired shape
  8. Once you are happy with your design you can mark all the elements and choose Group. This will allow you to combine everything you have “drawn” into one element that can be easily resized and moved


How to draw in Canva

How to draw in Canva by adding and subtracting elements


Canva Drawing

Canva drawing by using the background color for your elements

Similarly, you can also combine two to create further elements that you need for your Canva design.

Having a free draw possibility in Canva would and hopefully will add a lot of value in the future. In the meantime, this is the closest you get to ending up with unique designs in Canva and “drawing what you have in mind.


Free drawing in Canva is currently not possible as I am writing this tutorial in January 2021. I can very well imagine that it will be added down the road as it would be a great feature for Canva overall.

But this does not hold you back to come up with unique shapes and will certainly not limit you to recreate the elements you planned to draw in the first place.

Adding and substracting elements by using the background color is currently the best way to draw in Canva.