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How to Add a Domain on EZOIC: Detailed Guide

How to Add a Domain on EZOIC: Detailed Guide

Adding a domain to EZOIC is actually very simple.

If it is the first website that you are adding to EZOIC, the process of setting things up is actually a little bit different than for additional domains.

But don’t worry, in this article, you will learn both: Setting up your primary domain and then also how to add additional domains to your Ezoic account.

Now, without further ado, let us first have a look at the very basics!


How to Add A Domain on EZOIC

If this is your first domain that you would like to add to Ezoic, you can simply register your website here. To add a second (or third or fourth…) domain to your EZOIC account, log into your EZOIC dashboard and then, on the left side (top left corner), click on your domain name (if you only have one domain yet, only that domain name will show there. If you have several domains, it might be that you see the text “All your Sites” there instead. Once done, a sidebar will appear on the right side of the screen and there you can simply press on “+ Add a Site.Then, just input the new domain there to add it to your dashboard.


After your domain has been added to Ezoic, do this

After Adding domain to WordPress_ Do This

So, you have successfully added your domain to Ezoic (to the Ezoic dashboard).

Unfortunately, that does not mean that your domain is now ready to get monetized with Ezoic straight away. It doesn’t even mean that your website is already approved by Ezoic.

All it really means is that you initiated the first step to get your new domain running with Ezoic.

Now, to make your new domain work with Ezoic, you will need to continue with the Ezoic setup:

The following setup steps include:

  • Integrate your website (you will have to choose the integration method here)
  • Setup the Ad Tester (you will need to create placeholder where, later, your ads will appear)
  • Turn Ezoic on (your Ezoic ads will only go live when you switch the platform on. You will be able to decide here how much of your traffic should run through the Ezoic system)

How to add even more websites to Ezoic?

If you would like to add yet another website to Ezoic, the steps you have to take to do so are actually exactly the same.

So, to add your third, fourth, fifth and sixth website, you would always need to first add your website to the Ezoic dashboard.

Then integrate your website (choose integration method such as nameserver, Cloudflare or via WordPress plugin), then setup the Ezoic Ad Tester.

And the last step is always to turn on Ezoic and decide how much of your traffic should run through the Ezoic platform.


Adding Domains to Ezoic: Requirements

Please keep in mind that when adding a new domain, the requirements outlined by Ezoic will have to be met, just as with your first website that you already have on Ezoic.


So, are the requirements for additional domains the same?

Officially, the requirements for additional domains on EZOIC are exactly the same as for your first domain.

The most important factors would, therefore, be:

You need to have an approved Google Adsense account

In terms of traffic, you need to have at least 10’000 sessions per month.

Some ad platforms (networks), they do lower the threshold for additional websites.

This is, however, not the case with Ezoic.

So, that means that with every website that you are getting on Ezoic, you will need to meet the requirements as stated above.


New to EZOIC, learn more about it!

If you are not that familar with Ezoic yet, I would advise you to check out the Maschituts Youtube channel.

On my channel, I have several useful videos about EZOIC.

For instance, I show you guys how you can set up the Ezoic placeholders (Ad Tester). The Ad tester setup is actually pretty complex.

There are many mistakes you can make and it takes a long time to master the setup.

So, instead of wasting hours and hours of time only to find out that your setup is actually completely messed up, I would recommend you watching my video on Ezoic placeholders.

I have personally used EZOIC for an extended period of time on many of my websites, therefore I was able to learn a few important lessons about the Ezoic placeholder setup.

Also, I do have a video about the earning potential of EZOIC. That’s a good one to check out as well. Or are you not curious about how much you can really earn with EZOIC?