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Here’s When You Can Apply for Ezoic

Here’s When You Can Apply for Ezoic

Building websites & niche sites is a lot of fun, no question about that.

But as we spend lots of our precious time on these projects, at some point, we would obviously also want to earn a few bucks with these websites.

One of the greatest ways to earn some passive income with websites is undoubtebly through display advertising.

Now, while there are many great ad networks out there, Ezoic is definitely one of the top choices for publishers out there.

Now, the 1-million-dollar-question is obviously: When can you actually start monetizing your website with Ezoic?

Let me answer this question straightaway!


When Can I Apply for Ezoic?

You can apply for Ezoic as soon as your website hits 10’000 visits per month. Also, you need an approved Google Adsense account to get into Ezoic.


Getting into Ezoic: Timing

As soon as you reach 10’000 visits on your website, you are basically good to go and can apply for Ezoic.

But you will need to make sure that you have a running Google Adsense account by the time you are applying for Ezoic.

Now, Adsense typically wants you to have a website that is at least six months old before you can actually get into their Adsense program.

However, it seems that in some cases, you can also get Adsense-approved earlier on. You would really need to try.

The question now is: Does it even make sense to get into Ezoic at a very early stage (as soon as you hit 10’000 pageviews?)

Well, it really depends.

In most cases, 10’000 visits per month won’t get you an awful lot of money in terms of ad revenue. You could be looking at something betwen 50 to 250 dollars a month.

It really depends on your niche and it also heavily depends on where your traffic comes from.

If your website receives a lot of traffic from the US, that is certainly a good thing. And will usually lead to much higher revenue per 1000 visitors (RPM/EPVM).

If your website has most of the traffic from less-developed countries such as India or the Philippines for instance, 10’000 visits per month will most likely be worth much much less.

In this case, your monthly ad revenue is most likely still very low and you would need to think about whether it really makes sense to join Ezoic right away (at 10’000 visits).


Ads slow down your website

But wait a minute. Even if I just earn a couple of bucks per month, it’s still better than nothing, right?

Well, sort of. The problem is that featuring ads on your website comes with a price.

The price you pay is related to the speed of your website. It is no secret that having ads on your website will drastically lower your site speed.

And as site speed is a pretty important factor these days (it’s now officially Google ranking factor), you would really need to ask yourself if it is really worth to have ads on your website at a very early stage when earnings are still very low.


Ads have a bad impact on user experience

Picture shows a meter to measure user experience.

Also, having ads on your website typically has a a bad impact on user experience.

These are all things to consider before you actually get these ads up and running.


Getting into Ezoic: Special Offers

Under certain circumstances, it might be possible for you to enter Ezoic even before reaching 10’000 visits a month.

At this very moment, Ezoic has a a program called “Just Start that will allow a very limited number of people to join the Ezoic platform, even if their website essentially still has almost no pageviews (visits) at all.

In return, to make use of this deal you would need to follow a couple of online lessons where you actually learn how to use the platform. That’s pretty much it.

Another way that people seem to get on Ezoic even before reaching 10’000 visits a month is through connections (vitamin b).

It seems that certain publishers (usually bigger publishers that are earning a good amount of money with Ezoic) are in contact with certain Ezoic account managers that can get you into Ezoic a little bit earlier.

In order to benefit from that, you would need to know one of these publishers and they could potentially hook you up with their Ezoic account manager.

To be honest, I tried this twice and it didn’t work out for me.

If you happen to know someone that knows someone, this might be worth a try, though!

I can obviously not assure you that this will work, though.

Moreover, I don’t necessarily think that it even makes sense to get into Ezoic even before having 10’000 visits a month, as your earnings at that point are likely to be still very low.


When to apply for Ezoic: Final Thoughts

As we have seen in this article, you can apply for Ezoic as soon as you hit that 10’000 visits per month mark (use Google Analytics to double-check your statistics!)

But as ads drastically slow down your website and also have a bad influence on user experience, you might want to wait a little bit longer before you actually join Ezoic (or any other ad network).

The reason for this is simply that in the beginning (when you just cracked that 10’000 visits per month), the disadvatages of having ads on your website might just outweigh the profits (=ad revenue).

In simple words: You might sacrifice too much for just a couple of bucks per month.

But don’t get me wrong. I am actually a huge fan of display advertising and I have ads on all of my websites.

It is actually my favorite way to earn money on my websites!

But the question is just…

…when do you get these ads up and running on your website?

In my case, I usually wait until I’m at about 30’000 pageviews a month before bothering with monetizing my website through ads.

After all, it is always a great idea to focus on content first and then turn that precious traffic into money later on!

Now, please head over to the Maschituts Youtube channel and have a look at what you can expect to earn with premium ad networks such as Ezoic and Mediavine!