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Ezoic Income Report July 2020 (for my travel website)

Ezoic Income Report July 2020 (for my travel website)

I have decided to give you guys what you want and to release an income report of my Ezoic earnings.

I have been with Ezoic for about 2 years now with several websites.

At the moment, I still have two websites on Ezoic.

I changed over to Mediaivne with some of my other websites (Mediavine is actually my favorite ad network of all time).

Both of these websites that I got on Ezoic deal with traveling (more specifically with rules/regulations on hand luggage).

In this article, we will have a look at the income report of one of these two travel websites; the one that is written in German and targets the European market (the German market to be more specific).

Now, the first thing I would like to point out is that the ad earnings that you are going to see with Ezoic (or any other premium network) are going to be very different depening on which language your website is written in.

Generally speaking, websites written in English perform much better in terms of ad revenue.

This is mainly due to the fact that websites that are written in English attract (mor) US traffic.

And US traffic is money in the bank, as far as Ad revenue goes.

That said, let us now have a look at the income for both of thes two websites.

Let us first have a look at the German website ( Income Report July 2020

Ezoic Income Report July 2020

In total, I earned $463.35 in July 2020 through EZOIC for the website

The average EPMV (what you earn on average for 1000 visitors) was $10.13.

An EPMV of 10 dollars is not that much, but it is a respectable EPMV for Non-English websites.

Moreover, this website has been heavily hit by the pandemic but now slowly recovers as COVID-19 is not as bad as it used to be (at least not in Europe!).

As I said, this website is written in German and is, therefore, focusing on German (European) air travel rather than Air travel in the US.

Due to the pandemic this website’s earnings plummeted very drastically. Not so long ago, this website was earning close to 2’000 dollars a month.

Then in march, when the pandemic hit Europe, traffic on this website plummeted like crazy and went from about 3’000 to 4’000 visitors a day to about 100 visitors or less a day(!).

When that happened, earnings for that website clocked in at ALMOST ZERO.

Now, as the traffic comes back (now about 1300 visitors a day), the earnings got better again but are obviously nowhere near as they used to be.

One thing I would like to point out is that from those $463.35 dollars that I earned in July 2020 with that domain, $118.41 dollars were actually from Premium Ad partners (Ezoic Premium).

In fact, Ezoic Premium is a paid service and every month I pay a fee for that. The fee depends on the tier that you are on.

The more you earn per month, the higher of a tier you can get (and the more you pay every month). But the higher the tier, the higher the earning potential.

However, this kinda distorts the statistics, as this easily gives you the impression that you actually earn more than is truly the case.

In my case, I paid about 110 dollars premium fee for July and only earned $118.41 dollars in Premium revenue.

So, basically speaking, I just earned about 8 dollars through Ezoic Premium and I need to deduct the Premium fees from those $463.35 to actually calculate my real ad revenue for July 2020.

Ok, let’s do that: 463.35 – 118.41 = $344.94

That said, it becomes evident that I just earned $344.94 dollars in July 2020. Sad days.

I expect this website to earn more and more again, as soon as Covid-19 is getting less severe in Europe.

The overall situation with Covid-19 in Europe is already much better than it was back in March 2020 but air travel is still heavily restricted and most people either don’t dare to fly again or simply can’t as their desired destination does not yet allow tourists/business people/etc. to enter the country again just yet.

As the EPMV is back at about 10 dollars per 1000 visitors, this is now not the main problem anymore. The main problem now is really that the traffic is still very low (just about 1’300 people a day whereas in the good ol’ days I had up to 5’000 people a day).

I really wonder what the future will bring for that website. Let’s see and hope!